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The 8.6 Update Will Introduce a 50% Discount to Premium Consumables


We're pleased to inform you that when the 8.6 Update is released (it's coming soon, honest), we'll be applying a 50% discount for all Premium consumables until the release of the 8.7 Update. More details below:

Event Starts: Release of the 8.6 Update

Event Ends: Release of the 8.7 Update

50% Gold & Credit Discount on the Following Premium Consumables

  • Large Repair Kit
  • Large First Aid Kit
  • Automatic Fire Extinguisher
  • 105-octane Gasoline
  • Extra Combat Rations
  • Case of Cola
  • Chocolate
  • Pudding and Tea
  • Strong Coffee
  • Improved Combat Rations

Keep in mind that selling items that were purchased on discount will only yield 50% of the sale price as credits.