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8.5 Event "XP Jäger" [UPDATE]

Update 04/30/2013: Due to previous confusion we've added the VK 30.02 (D) to this event as well.


To help welcome the latest addition of vehicles to the battlefield, we're hosting another of our immensely popular "Top 100" contests! Starting once the 8.5 Update goes live until 16:59 PDT (19:59 EDT) on May 24, 2013, we'll be recording everyone's top XP scores. Those sitting in the "Top 100" for each of the new vehicles at the end of the event will earn themselves a nice chunk of change, and those sitting the the top three spots for each tank will earn themselves the Gold prize, a free tank, or a month of Premium!

Contest Starts: When 8.5 Update Goes Live

Contest Ends: 16:59 PDT (19:59 EDT) on May 24, 2013

Contest Details & Rules

  • Battle results that are counted will not included bonuses (Premium account, bonus XP for first victory of day, Operation rewards, etc.)
    • Note that the maximum XP recorded in your Service Record is not a raw total
  • Only random battles will count. No Clan Wars or company battles will be counted
  • No screenshots, replays, or any other player submitted content is required to win. We'll be pulling these stats directly from our database
  • Only your stats when playing as any of the new German or Soviet tanks released with 8.5 will count

Please note that any attempt to artificially inflate your score (entirely determined at the discretion of Wargaming                 staff) is grounds for disqualification from the event.

How to Win Gold

It's simple: place in the top 100 of XP earners in any of the new tanks introduced in the 8.5 Update in a single match, and you'll be rewarded with in-game Gold (the reward amount is based on the tier group). Since there are nine tanks eligible for this contest, we'll be awarding over 1000 prizes -- that's ten "Top 100" lists.

Top Players (XP Earned) in Tanks Tier I to IV: 1,000

  • T-60
  • T-70
  • T-80
  • VK 20.01 (D)

Top Players (XP Earned) in Tanks Tier VI to VIII: 2,500

  • VK 30.01 (D)
  • VK 30.02 (D)
  • Aufklarerpanzer Panther
  • Indien Panzer

Top Players (XP Earned) in Tanks Tier IX to X: 5,000

  • Leopard PT A (Prototype der Arbeitsgruppe A)
  • Leopard 1

How to Win Tanks

Gold isn't the only thing we're giving away. If you manage to make it into the "Top 3" in any of the tier groups, you'll be rewarded with a tank or Premium time. Already own the tank? You'll get the in-game Gold equivalent instead.

1st Place: Type 59

*Comes with garage slot

2nd Place: Type 62

*Comes with garage slot

3rd Place: Premium

All  Other Places: Gold Prizes