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8.2 Public Test [UPDATED]



[Updated] On December 10 at 02:00 AM PDT (10:00 UTC) the public test server will be stopped. 


The second iteration of  the 8.2 Public Test server has been launched today. 

Please note that Clan Wars were not integrated into the test server; nevertheless, they operate as usual on the main server.

To participate in the test you need to do the following steps:

  1. Copy the game client to the separate folder
  2. Install a small launcher update found here (8,74 МB)
  3. Update the game via launcher 4.15 Gb approximately

Note: if you have already installed the Public Test game client the launcher will update it to the Public Test 8.2 version 2 automatically (~83Mb)

Attention! Please be sure to install the test game launcher in a different folder, rather than the current game client version! Also switch off the game client before installing the update. Only players who have registered prior to November 19, 2012 at 0:00 UTC can participate in the Public Test.

Please keep mind certain special features of the public test server:

  • Payments are not accepted on the public test server.
  • For the second iteration all test accounts will receive a one time crediting of:
    • 100,000,000 Free XP
    • 100,000,000 Credits
    • 20,000 gold
  • Progress won't be transferred to the main NA server.
  • Credits and experience rates will not be increased for this test.

Scheduled server restarts: 

 W.o.T. Common Test1 cluster - 10:00 PM PDT (05:00 UTC) daily. Average duration will be around ~25 minutes.


Please keep in mind that the test server is subject to the same EULA and general rules of the World of Tanks game server. The restrictions and punishments are the same as on the official game server of World of Tanks. The details of the v.8.2 update public test can be discussed in a special forum section. Bugs related to the 8.2 public test should be posted in this special sub-forum.

Preliminary list of changes to 8.2 test version 2 as compared with 8.2 test version 1:

Table of Contents:


Server Changes

Fixed the bug with tanks entering non-destructible objects
Fixed the interface bug in shop, which happened on 'Store' window refreshing
Fixed the rewarding of 'Lucky' medal
'Steel Wall' medal is no longer granted for suicides.


Fixed costs of camouflages on SU-122-44.
Rebalanced prices of new American vehicles.


Adjusted camouflages and inscriptions of new American vehicles.
Fixed errors in M6A2E1 camouflage patterns.


Chinese Tanks were temporary removed for additional adjustment.
Fixed errors in armoring for the following tanks: Т-54, Т-50-2, Matilda (British), VK2801, Somua Sau 40, D1, M4A2E4.
Fixed the error of T-34 gun crossing tank model.
Fixed errors in armoring of КV-1S and FCM 36 Pak 40.
Lowe tank is rescaled according to historical references to tanks scale and gun barrel length.
Changed characteristics of the following tanks: Type 62, Type 59, T57 Heavy, Т54E1 and FV215b.


Returned old sounds for tank hits.
Noise of fans was removed noise from Premium Hangar.
Fixed the sounds for 'Victory' and 'Defeat' in after-battle statistics.


Fixed tool-tips for the shop interface
Fixed an error with interface freezing when selling event tanks (such as KV-220, Pz V/IV etc.)

This information may be subject to change until final release!