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Winter Showdown

A brand-new frosty combat mode comes to World of Tanks -- Winter Showdown! This 8-bit mode brings you special in-game content including three custom-built vehicles, a new map and five-person mega Platoons.

Only in Winter Showdown mode can you take part in mega platoons, which feature five players rather than the standard three. You and your friends can show off your skills in blizzards of 8-bit battles as two mega platoons vs two mega platoons, or 10 vs 10 randomly selected teams of single players. 

With this new mode also come three exclusive armored vehicles: the Mammoth heavy tank, the Polar Bear tank destroyer, and the Arctic Fox light tank. Each of these vehicles plays a certain role on the battlefield, with the Mammoth as a brawler, the Polar Bear as a long-distance sniper, and the Arctic Fox as a speedy scout. Additionally, these 8-bit winter vehicles come equipped with special Gold rounds that can heal teammates and get them back in the fight! 

Winter Showdown mode takes place on its own original 8-bit snowy battle arena, and also comes with an exclusive medal -- Operation Winter -- for those exceptionally cold-blooded commanders out there! 

The exciting new mode is available on the North American server on January 26, but it won't last long -- so don't miss out on the fun!