7.5 Is now LIVE! [Updated]

[Update] The 7.5 update has been released!


The World of Tanks development team is excited to announce that update 7.5 has been successfully released for the NA server on August 2, 2012.

Players who have a premium account at the time of the shut down will be credited 1 day of premium time as compensation.

You can see a list of all the changes in the 7.5 update notes.

  • Server down time starts: 01:00 08/02/2012 PDT (08:00 08/02/2012 UTC)
  •  Server down time ends:  07:00 08/02/2012 PDT (14:00 08/02/2012 UTC)

Due to the 7.5 update being rolled out, Clan Wars will be frozen for 24 hours. All you Global Map veterans will get a night off, rest up; the 7.5 update is bringing some big changes. 

  • Start Freeze: 00:15 08/02/2012 PDT (07:15 UTC)
  • End Freeze: 00:15 08/03/2012 PDT (07:15 UTC)

Download the recent update here:


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