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7.2 Update: Tanks Parameters and Qualification Badges


After reading the patch note about the upcoming 7.2 update, you no doubt have questions about a few new elements we will implement in the game.  In this article we'll explain the tank parameter renormalizing and what Qualification badges are.

Tank Parameter Renormalizing

One of the points of 7.2 states: “Parameters of all tanks have been renormalized”. But what does it really mean?

The tank parameter renormalization will affect all in-game vehicles.

Experienced players often ask why a discrepancy between the tank characteristics and the in-game operation occurs, when the tank attributes provide a firing rate of 10 shots per minute, whereas in battle it can is only able to fire 9 shells.

The discrepancy arises from the fact that in game version 7.1.1 the parameters and characteristics for the vehicles are adjusted for crew with skills researched at 133%, i.e. 100% skills level plus additional bonuses provided with equipment and modules. But with the 7.2 update the situation will change.

With the update this will be changing.

Thus, tank parameters will be set according to 100% trained crew with no regard to bonuses. In other words, if a loader is 100% trained, the tank will have the correct firing rate stated in its attributes, and if you mount equipment or modules on the vehicle, the firing rate will increase.

Please note that the tank parameter renormalization will not affect the game mechanics.

Qualification Badges

The upcoming update will implement special qualification badges, which will be granted to a player in case he/she earns a certain amount of experience in battle.

Qualification badges resemble real qualification badges, which were given to tankers for professionalism and combat skills.

Historically, a tank or SPG driver's qualification badge was awarded to generals, officers, sergeants or soldiers of armored troops; they were established by the USSR Defense Minister’s order on April 6, 1954. Four degrees of badges were introduced: Master Driver, Class I, Class II, and Class III Driver. Along with badges, a person received a certificate, confirming the specialist’s class. Officers purchased badges with real money, whereas military conscripts gained them for free.

In July 1954, qualification badges were established for non-commissioned and private corps of all branches of troops. Since then, classified driver badges were credited only to officers.

In 1961, due to the fact that qualification badges were established for officers of all branches of troops, qualification badges for SPG and tank drivers were discontinued.

In game, you will receive a qualification badge for earning a certain amount of experience. Think of it as a kind of record which can be reached in a random battle.

A qualification badge will be granted after earning more experience than other players in battle. The reward will be granted right after the battle's end. A vehicle’s 7-day battle statistics will be used for qualification tracking.

  • If your amount of experience received in battle is above the average of the top 50% of players driving this tank within the last seven days, then you gain the Class III badge.
  • If your amount of experience received in battle is above the average of the top 20% of players driving the same vehicle within 7 days, then you get the Class II badge.
  • If your amount of experience received in battle is above the average of the top 5% of players driving the same vehicle within 7 days, you get the Class I badge.
  • If you get into the top 1% of players (i.e. you established the best result of experience within 7 days), then you will achieve the Master Driver badge.

Experience will be counted without premium account or multiplied coefficient effect.

Qualification badges will not be taken back or decreased. If you receive a Master Driver badge, then no other badges will be given to the specified vehicle. A vehicle can only have the highest badge it obtained. Qualification badges will not be credited for experience received prior to the 7.2 update release.

Example: Within the last 7 days, average experience received by the top 5% of players driving the BT-7 comprised 600 points. If you receive 610 exp. points in the BT-7 in a battle, you will be given Class I qualification badge. If you receive 750 experience points, having premium account which adds 50% experience more, then your actual amount of experience comprises 500 exp. points, and you will not achieve Class I badge.