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Players' Guide to the T-54 First Prototype

T-54 First Prototype
Tenacious Crew Trainer

Medium tank week is here again, and the T-54 first prototype has a Premium Shop-exclusive discount for a limited time!

Does the T-54 first prototype fit your profile, or should you save up for something different? Find out below!

Summary | Loadout


The Good

  • Good hull and turret armor
  • Similar play style to other Soviet medium tanks
  • Better armor and more HP than a "stock" T-44
  • Low to the ground for a smaller target profile
  • Good DPM (Damage Per Minute)

The Bad

  • Its armor may not hold up well against tanks with high penetration
  • Low view range for a tier VIII vehicle

The Ugly

  • Lower AP and APCR penetration can limit your damage potential and earnings in high-tier matches
  • A limited ammo capacity of 34 rounds means you'll need to choose your shots carefully 

Reasons to Buy

  • Great Crew trainer for Soviet medium tanks
  • You want a tough medium tank you can brawl with! 

Reasons Not to Buy

  • You want a Premium tank that won't see tier X tanks (try the T-34-3)
  • You want a Soviet heavy tank (try the IS-6 heavy tank)
  • You've got a need for speed! (Try the AMX CDC)

Play Style

The T-54 first prototype is a tough, versatile and forgiving medium tank that offers a familiar play style to other high-tier Soviet medium tanks. It's also a great bridge between the mid-tier T-34 variants and later higher-tier tanks.


These are only suggestions! Feel free to see what works best for you.
The standard loadout of Small First Aid Kit, Small Repair Kit and a Manual Fire Extinguisher is a good way to go, while Large Repair and First Aid Kits reduce the chance of damage or Crew injury from random artillery and HE Shells.

Alternatively, Coated Optics can be swapped out with the vents for more view range.

Crew Skills and Perks

You don't want to waste any shots, so boosting Gunnery skills is crucial in this tank, as are Sixth Sense and Smooth Ride. The first Skill alerts you when you've been spotted, and the second makes you a better shot on the move. Then, train Brothers in Arms, a Perk that improves major qualifications and all Skills for the entire Crew! The Perk comes into effect after it reaches 100% for the entire Crew. Safe Stowage is also helpful and increases the durability of your ammunition rack! 

Premium Shop-exclusive discounts on the tough  T-54 first prototypeare only available for a limited time!