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20 Secrets About World of Tanks

Remembering the 100th anniversary of the first tank ever to roll into battle, we put together a list of not-so-well-known details about World of Tanks. Some of these you may know, others may come as a surprise. Find out how in tune you are with the mechanics of our favorite game!

1. Destroying or losing a tank after a 100% capture extends the match five seconds.

So, when you're trying to capture an enemy base, stop trying to unnecessarily attack the enemy!

2. "Sisters of Steel" and "Brothers in Arms" don't work together.

Because, y'know, cooties.

3. Knocked-out Crew members get less Crew XP than those still active.

Keep this in mind when you're getting close to your next Skill.

4. The enemy sees trees and other destructible things knocked over even when they can't spot you.

Careful when banging into stuff; otherwise don't be surprised by the artillery shells.

5. Some bushes provide better concealment than others.

Each bush on a map is unique -- some are larger, some more dense. Each provides different camo levels.

6. Standing trees don't really conceal, but knocked-down ones do.

In a previous update, the World of Tanks developers made it so a tree that's knocked down can be treated like a bush, providing cover from the enemy.

7. Spotting is calculated via certain places on your tank. 

If those points are behind cover but most of your tank isn't, you won't spot enemies -- but they could spot you. When hiding in a bush, find one that completely covers.

8. Spotting checks happen less frequently depending on the distance you're spotting.

Spotting happens faster when you're closer to the targets.

9. Destroyed tanks soak up artillery splash damage.

Put smoldering enemies and allies to good use as cover!

10. Your shots just don't go anywhere in the aiming circle. They most likely hit closer to the center than the edges.

Waiting until that circle is as small as possible will get you the most accurate shot.

11. When aiming at a target and moving, use the "R" key instead of "W" to keep the reticle small.

Never again lose accuracy on the move!

12. Speed doesn't affect how fast fires are extinguished.

 C'mon, that's what your consumables and Crew are for!

13. If you're completely zoomed in, you may accidentally hit terrain instead of the target.

Try zooming out about two notches on your mouse wheel for better accuracy.

14. When shooting blind (i.e., at an invisible enemy), if your shot doesn't seem to hit terrain, you probably hit your mark.

If you're aiming at a target and it disappears, it may not have moved. Take a shot and cross your fingers!

15. When shells ricochet, they still do damage elsewhere.

With the correct angle, you can bounce a shot off one tank to damage another. Just be careful not to damage your allies!

16. Some single-story buildings are destructible, but most two-story ones won't fall down.

If you're looking for sturdy cover, find a taller building that you won't accidentally bulldoze.

17. If you can see through it, you can shoot through it.

In front of a window? Find the correct angle and shoot through it to surprise your enemies.

18. Certain spots on tanks can be penetrated, but won't count as damage.

Don't shoot at the ears on the T29's upgraded turret; it'll just nick it.

19. You can set your crosshair to show a shot's armor penetration chance.

Not sure where the sweet spot is on that E100? See the "Reticle" tab in the "Settings" menu and swap your crosshair for one that says "with armor penetration indicator." Green means "go", and red means "no".

20. HE shells are great for blowing up soft-skinned artillery and resetting the cap.

A tip for those nimble and fast-firing tanks -- load some HE shells to reset a base capture.