The Anniversary Countdown Begins!

This year marks the 10th anniversary of your favorite game. It's a great round number and a grand milestone, so we simply must celebrate it in a big way — together with all of you!

World of Tanks has come a long and impressive way over the past decade. We released thousands of features and launched hundreds of events, while constantly adding new vehicles and nations. Thanks to the ardent support of our close-knit community, we've won four Golden Joystick* awards. Plus, of course, your passion and dedication for the game helped us stake our claim to the Guinness World Record for the most players simultaneously logged on to an MMO server.

But most important: We've gained millions of devoted fans around the world, which is our greatest achievement. No one could have expected such success when we started. And now we invite all of you to celebrate the 10th anniversary of our project!

Are You Ready to Party With Us?

We’ll be releasing more information about the grand celebrations soon, so keep an eye out for it. In the meantime, from April 14–20, we’ll be counting down to our 10th anniversary with special daily missions in the game client that will reward you with sweet prizes. Each day, their conditions will change, and with each completed mission, you will be one step closer to the celebration.

Anniversary Countdown Missions
Tuesday, April 14 at 08:00 PT | 10:00 CT | 11:00 ET Monday, April 20 at 08:00 PT | 10:00 CT | 11:00 ET

You will also find a progress bar in your Garage that will fill as players across the server complete their missions. Through our joint efforts, we will gradually bring this counter to 100%. After reaching this milestone, the real fun starts, so join the Countdown missions and play your part!

Get yourself into the anniversary spirit, Commanders!

* Golden Joystick Awards: MMO Game of the Year (2012), Best Online Game (2013), Still Playing Award (2017), and the Still Playing Award (2018).