General Chat Returns to World of Tanks!

Would you like to communicate with the enemy during battle, Commander?

Those of you who have been playing World of Tanks since 2016, or even before, will surely remember the General Chat. Previously, it was possible to communicate not only with allies, but also with enemy players during Random Battles. In honor of the 10th anniversary of our game, this nostalgic feature is making a return to World of Tanks. Jump back in time for one week and relive the memories!

General Chat Available
Tuesday, April 21 at 07:30 PT | 09:30 CT | 10:30 ET Tuesday, April 28 at 04:20 PT | 06:20 CT | 07:20 ET

Looking Back in Time

This may seem a bit unusual to new players, but in the early years of World of Tanks, you could send messages to the opposing team, and they could write back. But the intensity of battles in World of Tanks often meant emotions were running high, and these emotions occasionally spilled over into the General Chat. Frustrated players were sometimes known to reveal allies’ positions to their enemies, disrupting gameplay for everyone. Given the feedback on this feature, we disabled the General Chat in 2016.

But all this was (and remains!) an inalienable part of the history of World of Tanks, so we will restore General Chat to Random Battles for a week, as part of the 10th Anniversary celebrations.

But Anything Is Possible on Our 10th Anniversary!

General Chat was before your time? Don’t worry, in the year of the 10th Anniversary, the most marvelous things will happen!

The General Chat will only be available for a week in Random Battles. Our veterans will be able to write sweet messages to their enemies just as they always used to do, and novices will have a chance to discover communication in the game from a completely new perspective.

Enjoy the opportunity for free communication, but remember the usual game rules and terms of service continue to apply. Messages in the General Chat will be monitored closely and sanctioned accordingly.

How to Enable/Disable the General Chat

General Chat will be enabled by default for all players. To disable the General Chat, go to:

Settings → Game → General → Disable the General Chat


Once you do this, you won't be able to receive or send General Chat messages.

Enjoy communicating freely, Commanders!

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