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World of Tanks at World Cyber Games 2013


We're pleased to announce that World of Tanks will be one of the featured titles for the WCG 2013 competition. The registration for the World Cyber Games USA has been open for just a short while, and the window of opportunity is closing fast! If you think you've got what it takes to compete at the National and then the Global level, then this is the competition for you!

"The 2013 World Cyber Games USA National Finals is a live eSports tournament that seeks to identify the nation's top competitive gamers across multiple titles and gaming platforms. The winners of the WCG USA National Finals will become members of WCG Team USA, and will represent the United States at the 2013 World Cyber Games Global Festival in Kunshan City, China later this year."

With two chances to qualify for each game, the top finishing team from each of the online tournaments will receive an auto-berth and travel stipend to the US National Finals event. Additionally, the second place finisher from each event will receive an invite to compete in the event for a total of 4 US National Finals qualifier spots per game. Be sure to read the WCG World of Tanks Rules for the event before registering.

First Qualifier for World of Tanks is August 5th - August 18th

Register for Qualifier 1 (WCG Qualifier Two)

Second Qualifier for World of Tanks is August 16th - September 8th

Register for Qualifier 2 (WCG Qualifier Four)


This event is operated entirely by World Cyber Games. All questions and disputes should be directed toward the WCG support staff.