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WGLNA Season 1 Finals - Day 2 Livestream


Only four teams remain at the League North America Season 1 finals. We're heading into our final day here in Las Vegas, NV and it's sure to be a thrilling conclusion.

If you live in the Las Vegas area, we encourage you to join us today at the Treasure Island Hotel and Casino beginning at 1PM PDT. We will be giving away prizes, including a Alienware X51 gaming PC. If you're making the trip out, you can find us in the Treasure Island Ballroom on the second floor.

Can't join us? No problem: tune in to watch at, up above in this news article, on the World of Tanks launcher, or on the World of Tanks home page. The backdrop is up to you, just be sure you're active in the live stream chat, as the WGLNA crew will be selecting random chat participants for cool prizes like premium time and premium tanks.


Semifinals Match #1: Fulcrum Gaming vs Simple Tankers

Map Fulcrum Gaming (Tier Points) Simple Tankers (Tier Points)
Battle 1: Ensk   Cap Victory
Battle 2: Steppes Cap Victory  
Battle 3: Ruinberg 25 0
Battle 4: Himmelsdorf Cap Victory  
Battle 5: Mines 0 9
Battle 6: Prokhorovka 0 17
Battle 7: Abbey 42 0
Winner: Fulcrum Gaming (4-3)

Semifinals Match #2: SIMP vs Wreak Havok

Map SIMP (Tier Points) Wreak Havok (Tier Points)
Battle 1: Prokhorovka 25 0
Battle 2: Ruinberg 35 0
Battle 3: Himmelsdorf Cap Victory  
Battle 4: Mines 42 0
Winner: SIMP (4-0)

Third Place Match: Simple Tankers vs Wreak Havok

Map Simple Tankers (Tier Points) Wreak Havok (Tier Points)
Battle 1: Ensk Cap Victory
Battle 2: Himmelsdorf 0 24
Battle 3: Ruinberg
Cap Victory
Battle 4: Mines 0 32
Battle 5: Airfield 0 32
Winner: Wreak Havok (4-1)

Season 1 Final: Fulcrum Gaming vs SIMP

Map Fulcrum Gaming (Tier Points) SIMP (Tier Points)
Battle 1: Abbey Draw
Battle 2: Himmelsdorf 16 0
Battle 3: Ensk 16 0
Battle 4: Airfield 40 0
Battle 5: Steppes 0 25
Battle 6: Mines 0 32
Battle 7: Prokhorovka Draw
Winner: Fulcrum Gaming (3-2-2)

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