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WGLNA Season 2 Week 1: October 3 - 6



It's time to roll out... for keeps! The second season of League North America is underway! Come watch as multiple teams battle it out! World of Tanks eSports fans and newcomers to the game alike are invited to check out the action live on the WGLNA Twitch Channel, or on this page at the video above. Our livestreams will be running every day at 17:00 PDT (20:00 EDT) to 22:00 PDT (01:00 EDT) on October 3, 2013 through October 6. That's at least five hours of league battles every evening, so join us early and often, and root for your favorite teams!

WGLNA Season 2 Week 1 Schedule

The schedule of matches for the WGLNA Season 2 Group Stage week 1 is as follows:

  Thursday - October 3rd
  17:00 PDT   Fulcrum Gaming vs Wreak HavoK
  18:00 PDT   Cunninghams vs Burn All Empires
  19:00 PDT   No Limit vs GAME-OVER
  20:00 PDT   Cap Fast Nation vs Pub Stars
  21:00 PDT   Simple Tankers vs Nerve
  Friday - October 4th
  17:00 PDT   SIMP vs Simple Tankers
  18:00 PDT   No Limit vs Burn All Empires
  19:00 PDT   Fulcrum Gaming vs Pub Stars
  20:00 PDT   Nerve vs WAR & PEACE
  21:00 PDT   River of Blood vs Hammer Time
  Saturday - October 5th
  17:00 PDT   No Limit vs Cap Fast Nation
  18:00 PDT   Cazadores vs Simplistic
  19:00 PDT   Wreak HavoK vs GAME-OVER
  20:00 PDT   Simple Tankers vs River of Blood
  21:00 PDT   Hammer Time vs WAR & PEACE
  Sunday - October 6th
  17:00 PDT   Cunninghams vs GAME-OVER
  18:00 PDT   SIMP vs Cazadores
  19:00 PDT   Nerve vs Simplistic
  20:00 PDT   Wreak HavoK vs Burn All Empires
  21:00 PDT   Fulcrum Gaming vs No Limit