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Close League Grand Finals: Day One Summary


The first day of the Grand Finals in Warsaw was an unforgettable experience for both spectators on the live streams and by the stage. Thousands of you felt the thrills of the day and got into the competitive spirit during the hard-fought matches of both groups!

Day 1: In Summation

Playing today were:

Group A Group B

Synergy (EU)


WUSA (EU - Wildcard)

U Are Dead


Red Rush Unity

Lemming Train

Energy Pacemaker*

*The teams were put into these groups based on a random draw which took place last week. In the linked video, you will see that the JL E-SPORTS CLUB was placed in the second group, but as the team actually achieved 1st place in the Chinese server scoreboard, we replaced the team with Energy Pacemaker.

From these eight teams, only two had the chance to make it through to the second day. They fought long and hard, battling through the entire day from noon till dusk (and even a bit longer than that).

After the drawing ceremony, many players considered the first group to be the harder of the two to get through but it was certainly a challenge for every single team in the group stage regardless of which group they were placed in. As the day came to an end, we knew which of the two teams stood tall as victors of the day. They now face the possibility of two more long days of battle ahead.

Congratulations to:

Group A Winner Group B Winner

Lemming Train

Red Rush Unity

Day 2: A Glimpse of Things to Come

Tomorrow, April 5, you can look forward to the second day of the competition, which will be played from 03:00 PDT (06:00 EDT) until around 14:15 PDT (17:15 EDT). The winners of the group stage will clash with the remaining six teams, who scored higher in their server-specific League tournaments! 


Red Rush Unity

Natus Vincere

PvP Superfriends

JL E-sports Club


Lemming Train


Thanks for watching, and we hope you’ll enjoy the second day as much as we will!

This is what will happen at the beginning of the day; for the full schedule, please visit the schedule page on the Grand Finals website.