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The League Grand Finals Are Underway!

We are proud to announce the opening of the League Grand Finals! We’ve been running several separate contests and promotional campaigns, both global and server-specific, and can assure you that they were just the tip of the iceberg – the real fun is coming up!

The best teams from around the world will be fighting to bring the biggest honor to their region – proving conclusively where the best World of Tanks players hail from! This will be sealed in steel, as the winning team name will be engraved in a prize most tank commanders can only dream of….the Monolith!

Here is what you can look forward to during the three-day-long competition:

April 4 (Day 1)

The first day of the event begins with a speech from CEO, Victor Kisyli, followed by the event starting with play-by-play from our casters.

The two wildcard teams, together with six teams who finished second in their ranking boards for their respective regions, will be fighting in two groups. Only one team from each group will progress to the second day!

Group A Group B

Synergy (EU)


WUSA (EU - Wildcard)

U Are Dead


Red Rush Unity

Lemming Train

Energy Pacemaker*

*The teams were put into these groups based on a random draw which took place last week. In the linked video, you will see that the JL E-SPORTS CLUB was placed in the second group, but as the team actually achieved 1st place in the Chinese server scoreboard, we replaced the team with Energy Pacemaker.

We encourage you to follow the event stream live - you can find it at top of the news as well as on the dedicated Twitch page. If you are unable to do watch live, we’ll be publishing short summaries of each day after the tournament finishes. You can also follow the results page, which will be updated on a regular basis.

April 5 (Day 2)

The second day of the competition will feature the two victorious teams from the group stage and the remaining six teams, who were on top of their regional score boards. These teams will be fighting to progress to the 3rd and final day of the finals.

The teams have been initially assigned their opponents, but with two placeholders left over for the winners of the group stage.


Group B Winner

Natus Vincere

PvP Superfiends

JL E-sports Club


Group A Winner


April 6 (Day 3, the Grand Final)

At this point we can't exactly tell what will happen during the third day of the finals, but you can be sure it will be truly epic! The day will start with the last matches determining who will be fighting for the World Champion title, as well as all the benefits mentioned before.

The final match, the most important match of the day -- in fact, the most important match of the year -- will start around 08:15 PDT (11:15 EDT).

Other information

Contests and giveaways: You’ll be able to participate in various giveaways throughout all three days of the finals. Please take a look at materials published on your regional portal as well as the livestream and social media channels (Twitter and Facebook and other regional social media).

Rules: At Wargaming we know that a significant part of our audience are hardcore gamers who want to see every detail of the battle, but even that is sometimes not enough for you to fully enjoy the fun. You’re not there just for the fireworks, and because of this we’re attaching the full Grand Finals Rulebook for your consideration (available in English only).