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WCG US Finals: October 4 - 6


World Cyber Games USA is gearing up for its National Finals, to be held at the Escapist Expo in Durham, North Carolina from October 4 to October 6, 2013 -- that's this week, and our own World of Tanks is one of the official titles of Team USA! The top players from previous online qualifiers will be competing in North Carolina, and you can catch these top players live as they battle for a chance to compete on a global stage at the World Cyber Games in China.

Stream Schedule

World of Tanks will be in a portion of the WCG broadcast on Saturday, October 5 beginning at 08:00 PDT (11:00 EDT). The stream will be live at the WCG USA channel, and embedded at the top of this page for easy access.

Additional Information

Please see the official WCG USA site for more information on the finals, rules, WCG in general, and more.