Meet Your WGLNA Season II Champions

Four contenders clashed! One team reigned supreme!

Elevate retains the WGLNA championship, but not easily. Everyone came out swinging and forced the defending champs to stay on their toes.

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WGLNA Season II Finals Results

Relive the Action!  

Semifinal Match 1

Elevate 7 - Top Tier 5

Semifinal Match 2

eClipse 7 – Dare Rising 5

Placing Match

Top Tier 7 – Dare Rising 1

Championship Match

Elevate 7 – eClipse 4

Final Positions and Prizes

1. Elevate - $95,000

2. eClipse - $66,000

3. Top Tier - $46,000

4.Dare Rising - $36,000

What’s Next?

This May, Elevate and eClipse head to the Grand Finals in Moscow for a shot at the Global Championship! Stay tuned for more info! 

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