Wargaming Fights in Clan Wars Tonight


Wargaming America (that's us!) will be hitting the Clan Wars map tonight, October 9. We’ll be fighting on one of the Landing Zones, so keep an eye out for [WGA] in the applicants list. If you are the clan to defeat us in the Landing Tournament, you will earn your clan 10,000! If Wargaming makes it through the tournament to the battle with the owner, the Gold prize will carry over to the next time [WGA] fights on the Clan Wars map. We will not be fighting the current landholder, allowing them to keep the province.

Province we’re fighting on: Check out the Clan Wars map at 4:00 PM PDT to find out!

Prize for defeating WGA: 10,000

View the Clan Wars Map

About Clan Wars (Video)

How To Land

Any player with the ranks Commander, Deputy Commander, or Field Commander may place chips on the Clan Wars map. In order to land on a province, click the Landing Zone arrow icon. This will bring up the Landing Tournament Window, which has an "Apply" button on the bottom. After applying, be sure to click the Checkmark icon to confirm your chip placement.

If the landing zone reaches the 64-clan maximum during the turn your Clan applies, you will be entered into a random selection for the remaining slots.

Get ready for a fight. We'll see you on the map!

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