Updated Clan Profile Statistics

As the Clan Portal continues to develop, the next step is an update that will significantly expand what you can do with Clan statistics.

What's New?

  • Detailed Global Map and Stronghold statistics
  • Extended battle statistics by tank tier
  • Battle statistics by map and opponent

Battle Statistics on Global Map and Strongholds

In the current update, we have extended battle statistics regarding a Clan’s activity in Strongholds and on the Global Map. Now, you'll also see stats displaying the number of victories in Skirmishes by Divisions, and the statistics on the Global Map will display a Clan's progress in events and Seasons. Displaying the number of Fame and Victory Points will help you learn more about a Clan's success.


Clan's Battle Statistics Separated by Tank Tier

Now, all battles a Clan has had on the Global Map will be divided by tank tier, each with key indicators.


Clan's Battle Statistics by Map and Opponent

Within each Division, new information will become available regarding a Clan's actions against opponents on specific maps. This information will be collected separately for each Division.