Twilight of the Gods Regulations


The Twilight of the Gods event is taking place from September 1 - 11 on the Clan Wars Event Map, which follows the standard rules of the Global Map. All Clans are free to take part in the event, whether your Clan was created before or after the event begins. Check out the event's regulations below!

All battles will be fought with vehicles up to tier VIII.

At the beginning of the event, the Event map will be wiped and World Redivision mode will be activated.

  • All actions made by players on the Event Map will be cancelled
  • The income for ransacked provinces on the Event Map will be restored
  • All Chips and Headquarters from the Event map will be available for the first turn of the event

Please note: Vehicles destroyed during the event will not freeze, as vehicle freeze time is turned off.

World Redivision mode will be activated from September 1 to September 2:

  • All provinces will be available for landing
  • Espionage and counter-espionage will be turned on
  • Revolts and ransacks will be turned off
  • Maximum number of 32 claims for participation in landings

If a battle against a province owner during the landing tournament ends in a draw, the province goes to the Clan challenger.

Once World redivision ends on September 2, the Twilight of the Gods rules will be enforced:

  • Revolts and ransacks will be turned on
  • Maximum number of 64 claims for participation in landings

Special Event Rules

Rules for default regions of the Event Map

  • The day after World Redivision, 24 closed gates to Asgard (  ) will appear on the Event Map, situated randomly
  • Around closed gates, some provinces will revolt, and the rest are not
  • The Clans on regular provinces around the gates can attack provinces with closed gates and conquer them
  • The Clans that own revolt provinces around closed gates can attack provinces with closed gates as well as defend revolt provinces. The following day, whoever owns provinces with closed gates and Clans with provinces around them may fight for gates ownership
  • After primetime, the gates are open (  ) and revolts in nearby provinces end
  • The gates remain open for the next 24 in-game hours
  • The chips of the Clan that conquers the province with the opened gate will be transferred to one of the starting provinces of Asgard after winning in Clan primetime
  • The algorithm is repeatable, with the appearance of gates and revolts occurring according to it. New gates appear on a random province each time

Asgard Rules

  • Asgard is a special event map region on which Clans fight for the opportunity to take part in the final battle between Light and Evil power on Ragnarok day
  • The gates will transport players to a province in Asgard with a corresponding prime time. 
  • The number of gates leading to starting Asgard provinces exceeds the number of starting Asgard provinces
  • On the starting Asgard provinces, an intermediate landing tournament will be held between Clans that came through gates
  • Clans cannot place their headquarters on Asgard provinces. All actions require the use of all chips transferred to the Asgard starting province
  • The event's main goal is to conquer one of the three central provinces of Asgard

Rules for Final Battle During Ragnarok Day

  • On the last day of the event (September 11), the borders between Valhalla provinces and other provinces will be closed
  • The Dark Gods Clan attacks all three Valhalla provinces

Terms of Victory Point Crediting

ConditionVictory Points
Clan chips transfer to Asgard 1,000
Conquer any basic Asgard province 2,000
Conquer any common Asgard province 2,000
Conquer any Valhalla province 10,000

Victory Point (VP) information becomes available after first event battles. VP data will be updated every hour.

Terms of Fame Point Crediting

The basic amount of Fame Points (FP) that players will get during the event equals the sum of the battle participants'  base experience (not including Premium account or multipliers) divided by 15.

Clans participating in revolts or landing battles get a basic amount of FP for each battle, except for battles with the province owner.

All boosting coefficients that apply during the event are displayed in the table below. The final amount of FP is tallied with the addition of fame point bonuses and coefficients. If several conditions are completed, the coefficients are added together.

ConditionFame Point Bonus
Participation in battles for landing tournaments or revolts during the Twilight of the Gods event Base Amount
Participation in a battle for a province (attacking an opponent’s province, defending a province, encounter battle) x5
Participation in a battle against a province owner during a revolt or landing tournament x5

Coefficients by province type have the following values: 

Basic province on ordinary map 1.0
Revolt province on ordinary map 1.0
Gates to Asgard 2.0
Basic province in Asgard 4.0
Common province in Asgard 4.0
Valhalla 10.0

Coefficients by battle type and by type of province recalculate between each other.

Please Note: Exploitative and/or disruptive play may lead to Fame Point and/or account sanctions at Wargaming's discretion.

If disputes regarding FP charging appear (stipulated battle suspicion, etc.), World of Tanks administration may request a battle replay, screenshots or any other information regarding the situation. If the required information is not provided, the decision will be made by the World of Tanks administration. We strongly recommend turning on the replay recording option in your game settings.

Information about player position in the Alley of Fame updates every hour.

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