New Clan Wars Feature: Subversions


Today, we would like to introduce you to a new, free feature coming very soon to Clan Wars: Subversions.


Subversions can help you weaken your enemy and gain a crucial advantage in the struggle for supremacy on the Global Map.

Only specially authorized Clan officers (Commander, Deputy Commander, and Company Commander — see Positions and Permissions) can organize subversions.

Types of Subversions

Any clan can choose from several types of subversions. Each type of subversion is associated with different kind of damage to the enemy clan in the event that the subversion is successful.

Type of Subversion

Result of Successful Subversion



Revolt breaks out in the province.

  • No battles scheduled for the selected province.
  • A revolt is possible in the province (see Revolts).

Rail War

All borders of the province are closed. The province has no connection to the HQ, relocation of chips and HQ across its borders is unavailable for 6 turns.

  • Subversion of this type has not been performed in the selected province within the past 24 turns.


One of the enemy chips is removed to Reserve and remains unavailable for the next 24 turns.

  • Enemy chips available on the province (confirmed by espionage or attack).
  • No chips were removed to Reserve from this province through subversion of this type.


The HQ is removed to Reserve and remains unavailable for relocation for the next 24 turns.

  • The enemy HQ is located in the selected province (confirmed by espionage).

Counterspy Termination

Counter-espionage operation in the selected province is terminated.

  • An enemy counterspy is available in the selected province (confirmed by espionage).

Training a Subversive Unit

To perform subversion of any type, your clan needs to have a ready subversive unit.

To train a subversive unit:

  1. Click    below the map. The button is active if your Headquarters is located in one of the provinces of your clan (see Headquarters).
  2. Select one of the empty slots for a subversive unit in the pop-up window and click “Recruit.”
  3. Click .

Training of a subversive unit takes 24 hours. The remaining time is displayed under the corresponding slot.

If your clan loses its Headquarters before the training is finished, training stops.

Performing Subversion

You can perform subversion during any turn. However, once the province Prime Time starts, you will not be able to organize a subversion attempt in a province until all battles for its territory are finished.

During the same turn, you can organize subversion attempts in multiple enemy provinces, but only one subversion per province.

General prerequisites:

  • Your Headquarters must be located in one of your clan’s provinces.
  • Your clan must have a ready subversive unit.

To perform subversion in an enemy province:

  1. Select a province owned by an enemy clan.
  2. Click  below the map.
  3. Select type of subversion from the list.
  4. Click Perform Subversion.
  5. Click .

The result of your subversion attempt appears in the event log at the beginning of the next turn. Regardless of subversion success, the subversive unit is considered eliminated.

The higher the chance of revolt in the province, the higher the chance of successful subversion.

Cancelling Subversion

Once you have organized a subversion attempt, you can still cancel it until the end of the current turn.

To cancel subversion:

  1. Select the province where the subversion is being plotted.
  2. Click  below the map.
  3. Click .

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