Clan Wars Tanks Supertest

Greetings tankers!

Soon we’ll launch the Supertest of Reward Clan tanks, vehicles given for participating in various Global Map events. We are considering changes for the M60, T95E6, VK 72.01, and 121B.

Our objective is to make these tanks fit better into today’s Clan clashes. We’d like to underline their special status and correct their parameters for Global Map fights and other Clan events.

X M60 : The gameplay on this one will differ even more than progression on the M48A5 Patton. We plan to make the M60 faster and more suitable for long-distance support fire and terrain-based play. We’ll improve its mobility and firepower parameters (stabilization, dispersion, and armor penetration with HEAT rounds).

X T95E6 : The T95E6 will be transformed into a fast-shooting support vehicle that is well suited for short-distance combat. Its rate of fire, stabilization, and specific power all get a boost, but its efficiency at long range will be slightly decreased with lower accuracy and penetration with standard ammunition. With its good gun depression, we expect the updated T95E6 to fare well in close combat on any terrain. High Alpha and DPM will allow it to oppose enemy heavies (with some maneuvering). Its efficiency will be limited by relatively low accuracy and penetration with standard rounds, weak hull armor, and its large size. Ultimately, the T95E6’s main role will be providing support for the main strike group at close range.

X VK 72.01 (K) : The “Failöwe” will gain hit points (upped to 2,850) and firepower. Stabilization, aiming time, and penetration with HEAT rounds will also improve. High durability and good protection will help the VK 72.01 survive during battle, even while facing an overwhelming opposing force. Great Alpha and high armor penetration with Premium rounds will make any thick-skinned opponent extra careful while approaching this vehicle. The VK 72.01’s role is to hold positions and trade fire with the enemy.

X 121B : The 121B will become an agile and maneuverable medium tank with outstanding spotting range (upped to 420m) and very low detectability. Its DPM, aiming, and armor penetration with Premium rounds will also be improved. The gun will allow for enjoyable long-range play. The 121B will be weaker than same-Tier and class opponents at close range, however, due to relatively weak protection. Its main role will be reconnaissance plus support from the second line.

The overall reason for these changes is to make the game more enjoyable, but we can’t do it without your feedback. Please tell us what you think in the forum.

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