[UPDATE] Clan Wars: Second Global Map Announcement

UPDATE! 'World Re-Division' has started on the Second Global Map


Do you ever wish there were more land for the grabbing? More zones for the landing? Well, wish no more; it's real! During Campaign 2, our “sandbox” map will continue to run throughout the entire campaign.

On October 29, we will be introducing a second map for Clans to choose between. To ease the introduction of this new map and laying claims, there will be a "World Redivision," where for one day all provinces will be landing zones. Further, both maps will operate under "sandbox" rules until Campaign 2 officially begins on November 5th. At that time, this second map will become the Campaign 2 map and thus will adopt Campaign 2 rules.

Both maps will run simultaneously throughout Campaign 2, but Clans will not be able to participate on both at the same time. You will have to remove yourself completely from one map by clicking the “Leave” button  if you want to switch to the other map. You will not lose any Fame or Victory Points for switching between the maps, with the exception of Stage I. (In Stage I you will lose only Victory Points and only if you exit the Campaign map; this is due to specific Stage rules.)

In order to make navigation more obvious, we've also changed the Clan Wars page!

Tank Locking will be disabled, while Fog of War, Spies, Rioting, and Ransacking will all remain enabled for the “sandbox” map throughout  Campaign 2. On November 4th, the new Campaign map will be closed for a while in preparation for Campaign 2 and will transition from its temporary sandbox rules to adopt the Campaign 2 rules for Campaign 2 on November 5th.

The other, original "sandbox" map will remain up during this time. Only the campaign map will be wiped in anticipation of the “World Redivision.”

Sandbox Mode Features



Fog Of War

Tank Locking

Spies and Counter-Spies







There is one more big change to the “sandbox” map (which also takes effect October 29): the Arctic Circle region will be restricted to tier VIII, while the North America Region will be limited to tier X.

Similar to how a map is chosen in an Encounter Battle, Encounter Battles between these regions will RANDOMLY pick between either tier VIII or X.

For example, a Clan with tier X vehicles attacks from the North America region into the Arctic Circle territory owned by a Clan with tier VIII vehicles. On the same turn, the tier VIII Clan from the Arctic Circle attacks across the border to the tier X Clan’s North America territory. These simultaneous cross-engagements create an Encounter Battle between the two provinces. Whether you are a member of the tier VIII or the tier X Clan, you will only find out if the battle is limited to either tier when the Special Battle window appears, regardless of which Clan you represent.

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