New "Ransack" Feature and Province Defense Changes on the Global Map

Due to player request, we will not be releasing these features for the NA region. They will be redesigned according to your feedback.

On November 3, a new Global Map update will be released with more new features in your fights for territories and Gold! 

Province Ransacking

Among the most important features, players will find a new ability to "ransack" the territories you captured to get a one-time increased province income.

How Does It Work?

Once a province is captured, your Clan can ransack it to collect an amount of Gold equal to several days' province income. 

A province can be ransacked if the following conditions are met:

  • The Clan's Headquarters isn't established on the Global Map, and the Clan has no active application for establishing Headquarters
  • The province belongs to the Clan which is going to ransack it
  • The province to be ransacked isn't a landing province
  • The province isn't under a ransack cooldown
  • The province was captured less than 24 turns ago
  • Battles for the province are finished and the next Primetime is yet to come

The province is ransacked and Gold is transferred to the Clan Treasury once the turn has been processed. A province ransack can still be canceled before the end of the current turn. A Clan cannot apply for establishing a Headquarters after confirming province ransack..

Clan members occupying the following positions are entitled to initiating province ransack: 

  • Commander
  • Executive Officer
  • Personnel Officer
  • Combat Officer

Once a province is ransacked, an amount of Gold equal to 3 days' income on the province is transferred to the Clan Treasury. After that, the province does not provide income for five days and is on ransack cooldown. Province ransacking does not decrease the province income level; however, it cannot be raised during the ransack cooldown period.

Province ransack requirements and settings can be modified for each Front, depending on Global Map events and activities.

Province Defense

Starting with this update, province owners will have the possibility to join both province and landing tournaments along with other challengers once the province is attacked by land or via an auction. Thus, in order to defend their province, a Clan has to go through all the tournament rounds. 

Changes have happened to Combat Reserve settings and the particulars of earning influence for destroying Divisions during a tournament:

  • Once a province is attacked by land or auction and a tournament is initiated, Combat Reserves will be available to all Clans, and influence is earned for destroying enemy Divisions
  • During a landing tournament, the owner of the landing province cannot use Combat Reserves if the Clan's Divisions are equipped with modules. All landing tournament participants earn no influence for destroying enemy Divisions during the tournaments

Results of Tournament Battles

Battle ResultClarification
Victory The winner of the current round continues to the next round, and the tournament winner becomes the province owner when the next turn begins
Defeat Defeated Clans are eliminated from the tournament
Draw in a battle between two challengers Both opponents are considered defeated and are eliminated from the battles for a province.
Draw in a battle between a challenger and the province owner The province owner is considered a winner.