New Clan Wars Landing Provinces


After an analysis of the Clan Wars map, we have decided to improve the accessibility of certain regions on the map by adding a few new Landing Provinces at the conclusion of the Clan Wars Second Campaign (and the holiday break).

The first region that needed a little bit of work was Greenland. There used to be a few provinces that took a bit too long to reach, so we have changed two of them into Landing Provinces: Eastern King Christian X Land and Cape Barclay.

Next on the list is Canada, where we have added a new Landing Province on the Hudson Bay in Thompson, Manitoba. This change will greatly improve the accessibility of The Dakotas area, and the Saskatchewan/Manitoba provinces in Canada.

The final new Landing Province is a bit more complicated. We'll be using the Saint Lawrence Seaway and Great Lakes Waterway systems to add a Landing Province in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Here's the wrinkle -- incomes will have to change a little bit. Green Bay's income will be decreasing to 480 to put it in line with other Landing Provinces, but to make up for this loss, Milwaukee, Wisconsin will be increased to 1,080.

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