Clan Wars Campaigns Stage Two: Rise and Fall

Clan Wars Tankers!

The first stage of our Clan Wars Campaign is wrapping up so the time has come to announce the details for the second stage, Rise and Fall. Details below!

Congratulations are in order for everyone who participated in the Landlords event, and in Clan Wars prior to Campaigns. Those of you who met the eligibility requirements should have already received your Clan Wars Participant medal.

Second Stage: Rise and Fall, June 21 - July 7

During this stage we will expand upon the mechanics present in the first stage, but we will also enable additional features like the Ransack option!

1. At the start of the second stage of the campaign, Clans will be awarded Victory Points for their provinces during Stage One.

2. With the beginning of Stage II and until the end of the First Campaign, the Tank Locking feature will be disabled.

This means that tanks destroyed in Clan Wars battles during this and further stages of the Campaign will not be locked and will be immediately available in your garage.

3. New tier restrictions for vehicles will be applied:

  • June 21 to 25: vehicles will be restricted to tier VII
  • June 28 to July 7: vehicles will be restricted to tier VIII

4. Ransack mechanics will now be enabled. This means that during this stage, Clans will have the option to Ransack captured provinces.

  • Ransacking a province will give the Clan three days worth of Gold income from that particular province. For the next five days, the province will provide no income to any Clan owning it
  • The Ransack option will only be available for the provinces captured less than one previous turn
  • Ransack cannot be performed if a province has already been ransacked during the last five days
  • A province cannot be ransacked if it is not connected to your Headquarters
  • The Clan which receives the biggest amount of Gold through Ransacking provinces will be awarded the "Expulsion and Plunder" Medal

5. The Riots feature will now be enabled.

A Riot may occur in any non-landing province on the Global Map. It temporarily turns the Rioting province into a landing zone which may not be attacked from the neighboring provinces, but can be landed upon by any Clan that does not hold land on the Global Map. Such provinces will be marked with the special symbol pictured left. 

Riot Probability

The probability of a province experiencing Riots is calculated each turn and is defined as a percent value. The current status of the Riot probability of a particular province can be displayed by placing the mouse pointer over its Riot symbol.

 - The probability of Riots has not changed since the previous turn

 - The probability of Riots decreased compared to the previous turn

 - The probability of Riots increased compared with the previous turn

Factors That Influence Riots

 Probability Increases for...

...a specific province belonging to the Clan if:
  • it has been Ransacked
  • any neighbouring province has been Ransacked
  • it is not connected to the Clan’s Headquarters
  • if the HQ has been removed from the province
  • if it has been taken away from a Clan which owned it for at least seven days
...all provinces belonging to the Clan if:
  • any province was lost due to Riots
  • the Clan’s HQ was lost
  • any province was lost 

 Probability Decreases for...

...a specific province belonging to the Clan if:
  • it hosts the Clan’s HQ
  • if a counter-spy has been assigned to it
  • if owner-clan chips are deployed in it
...all provinces belonging to the Clan if:
  • a Riot has been successfully quelled in any of its provinces
  • any province has been successfully defended against an enemy Clan’s attack

When a Riot Breaks Out

Riots can break out only once a game day for every province. Riot Check is made eight hours before the start of Prime Time. Then, it will be automatically determined whether a riot will start or not, based on the current percentage of probability for a specific province.

If a province is to start Rioting but there are battles for its territory scheduled, the Riots will be delayed until the next Prime Time.

If two of your provinces are suffering Riots or had the Riots postponed until the next Prime Time, the rest of your provinces will have the Riot Check disabled until there are no more battles in at least one of the rebelling provinces.

If no Clan has applied to land in the Rioting province, the Riots will end after the Prime Time ends.

Quelling a Riot

Right after the start of a Riot, the province becomes available for landing upon by any Clan on the Global Map. When the Prime Time starts, the landing tournament takes place between landing claimants. The winner will fight the current owner of the province.

In order to quell a Riot, the owner has to defeat the winner of the landing tournament.

6. Province incomes will be readjusted.

During the Campaign, a province will have two income states which will depend on the current stage of the Campaign:

  • Static income, which does not change (introduced during the first stage)
  • Dynamic income, which changes each turn (beginning in the current stage)

Dynamic income changes will work on a regional basis; this means that income from all provinces will be increased gradually in one region, while decreased in another.

Starting at Stage II, income from the Canada & Alaska regions will be increased gradually. Meanwhile, the United States of America region will experience gradual decrease of incomes.

Starting on June 28, all provinces whose incomes have increased, will experience a gradual decrease of incomes until they reach their initial values. The provinces, whose incomes have decreased, will have them gradually restored to their initial values as well.

Some provinces may reach zero before June 28. From the next turn onwards it will start to increase steadily until it reaches its initial value. If the income of a province should reach its initial value before the end of the stage, the income will begin to decrease steadily again. Therefore, the income of a province should range from its initial value down to zero without crossing those values.

Province incomes will be readjusted in the following time frames:

  • June 21 - 25: increase/decrease of province incomes
  • June 25 - 27: Clan Wars will be locked for the 8.6 update
  • June 28 - July 7: reversion of the process

7. Victory Points will be credited each turn during the whole of Stage II.

The amount of VP credited will equal the value of the Clan’s turn income (1/24 of the daily province income) multiplied by two.

Rules of VP crediting valid for the previous stage can be found in the knowledge base.

Rewards for Stage Two:



Expulsion and Plunder

Receiving the largest amount of Gold ransacking provinces during the second stage


Receiving the largest amount of Victory Points during the second stage

Clan Vehicle



Top five Clans scoring the highest amount of Victory Points during the second stage

Stay sharp, the battle continues!

See you on the battlefield, commanders. Roll out!

Be sure to visit our Clan Wars Campaign Stage II FAQ to answer any additional questions you may have.