Introducing the New Clan Portal


Our development team is proud to introduce the new Common Clans portal, where all Clan tools and information can be found in one convenient location!

The new Clan portal has an easy-to-use design that centralizes all Clan features, including creating a new Clan, the "Recruiting Station" tool, information on Strongholds, Clan management, and more. This new interface was specifically designed to provide you with everything that you need for daily Clan activities and will receive updates on a regular basis.

Moving forward, you will have direct access to Clans in all Wargaming titles with a single Clan. That means that you will have the same Clan tag & name, Military Personnel, and Clan treasury for each game in the Wargaming trilogy.

You can find additional Clan members in the “Recruiting Station” in the Personal File and Terms of Recruiting sections. Whether you are searching for a new Clan, or looking to add new members to your existing one, you can easily specify the game you want to search. Searches can be done for one or both games, as pictured below:

Right now we are introducing the first version of the Clan Portal, but we’re planning to update it with new features in the near future, like:

  • A detailed Strongholds Clan page
  • Detailed players’ statistics in Clan Profile (including vehicle statistics)
  • New Clan profile with Clan statistics, log of Clan events and changes, Clan message board
  • Other useful tools

During the two weeks after the release of the new Clan portal, from November 12 to November 30, you will have the ability to upload or change your Clan emblem for free!
UPDATE! The free Clan Emblem change has been extended to December 20!

This is only the beginning! Our goal is to create a convenient and useful place offering Clans rapid access to all relevant information that will help you blaze the trail to victory!

Stay tuned for more updates!


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