The Regional Finals are Coming

The regular matches of WGLNA Gold League Season II have come and gone. Now the Regional Finals await!

Join Elevate, eClipse, Dare Rising, and Top Tier in Burbank and witness the smackdown in person! Meet the top WGLNA players, along with the Chieftain, Yoott, Dance, and other Wargaming icons! You could even win awesome prizes like signed T-shirts and Premium tanks! 

More Finals Info  

WGLNA Gold League Season II - Regional Finals

April 8
12:00 PST (15:00 EST) - 21:00 PST (00:00 Midnight EST)

1212 Chestnut St.
Burbank, CA 91506


Can't Join Us? No Problem!

Stay tuned for upcoming contests and other ways to win from home, like playing WGL Fantasy League! Then stream the Regional Finals LIVE!