Three New Territories Soon to Arrive on the Global Map


We're gearing up for Stage One of our first Clan Wars Campaign, Landlords. Just in time for the big event, we're debuting three new territories, Greenland, Canada, and Alaska! Expect to see many craggy coastlines and snow-capped peaks if you plan on staking a claim in these northern territories. You'll be able to see these additions very soon, but a small preview is available below.

A Few Shots of the Upcoming Territories


Details for Each Territory


Greenland, bitterly cold, mysterious, and sparsely populated, will boast 41 new provinces including four landing zones. The maps featured in this region will include Fjords, Cliff, Serene Coast, Siegfried Line, and Karelia. Expect to see a much more of the rocky coastal maps than anything else.


The wild frontier of Canada, full of every terrain type imaginable, will support 93 new provinces, including 11 landing zones and six key provinces. The maps featured in this region will include Arctic Region, Fjords, Karelia, Serene Coast, Fisherman's Bay, Mountain Pass, Port, Steppes, Cliff, Murovanka, Highway, Port, Lakeville, Malinovka, Widepark, and Ruinberg.


The immensely large and beautiful region of Alaska will contain 11 new provinces, including 4 landing zones and one key province. Maps for this state include Siegfried Line, Fjords, Karelia, and Serene Coast. It may be known as a cold and lonely place, but expect this region to be hotly contested.



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