Global Map Season 13 is Almost Here!

Welcome to Season 13: East Coast!

Season 13 of the Global Map is on the horizon, with new mechanics to shake things up during your quest for global domination. This season, clans have a new tool to send resources to any clan: Trade Convoys!

Trade Convoys can send Industrial Resources, Gold, Bonds, and Influence to any clan. Like tax convoys, Trade Convoys must be protected from enemy raiders. Before deploying the convoy, the sender selects the type and quantity of resources to send, when the convoy will appear, and who is tasked to protect the convoy — either the sending or receiving clan.

Once the convoy is in motion, it appears in the general list of convoys on the Global Map. Any other clan may attempt to raid the convoy and plunder its goods, so keep it safe and secure your loot!

Trade convoys can only be attacked by clans unrelated to alliances of the sending or receiving clan.

Trade convoys can carry the minimum amount of these resources:

  • 1,500 Gold
  • 2,500 Bonds
  • 1,500 Influence
  • 20,000 Industrial Resources
Sending or receiving Gold and Influence via trade convoys does not affect taxes in alliances, season rating, or political rating.

Global Map Season 13: East Coast

STARTS: Tuesday, October 1, 05:00 PT | 07:00 CT | 08:00 ET
ENDS: Thursday, November 28, 04:00 PT | 06:00 CT | 07:00 ET

The last day of battles in season 13 is November 27. We'll be updating Prime Time on November 3 to reflect Daylight Savings time.

Main Features

This season, we'll return to the traditional 15v15 format with Tier VIII–X vehicles.

General Rules


Abbey Fisherman's Bay Malinovka Redshire
Airfield Himmelsdorf Mines Ruinberg
Cliff Karelia Mountain Pass Sand River
El Halluf Lakeville Murovanka Steppes
Ensk Live Oaks Prokhorovka Westfield

Landing Tournaments and Auctions

  • Maximum number of applications for landing tournaments: 32
  • Clans cannot attack landing provinces by land.

First Day, World Redivision

All Global Map provinces are landing provinces on the first day of the season. After Prime Time, provinces will switch to the main mode as per the general rules of the season.

  • Number of applications for landing tournaments on the first day of the season: 16

If a battle for the landing province ends in a draw, it'll count as a defeat for both challengers.

General Settings

  • Ghost Clan Rules are ON.
  • Assigning victory points together with Gold is ON.
  • Starting Influence points: 1500
  • Firefly Provinces are ON.
  • Alliances are ON.
  • Taxes hardcap is ON.
  • Administrative points are ON.
  • Starting administrative points: 6
  • Political Leaderboards are ON.
  • Delete overlords relations feature is ON.
  • Quest System is ON.
  • Gold quests are ON.
  • Influence points quests are ON.
  • Battle offset feature is ON.
  • Income limit is set to 10. (You will only receive Gold for the 10 lowest provinces you own.)
  • Revolts are ON.
  • Pillages are OFF.
  • Partial refund of credits are ON.
  • Penalties are ON.

Dynamic Division Cost

  • 1st Division: 200 Influence
  • 2nd Division: 200 Influence
  • 3rd Division: 500 Influence
  • 4th Division: 500 Influence
  • 5th Division: 500 Influence
  • 6th Division: 1000 Influence
  • 7th Division: 1000 Influence
  • 8th Division: 1000 Influence
  • 9th Division: 1000 Influence
  • 10th Division: 5000 Influence


Alley of Fame

Tier X Season Front
medal: style &

"Vanquisher" Style

"Shattered Stone" Style

Participation Emblem:


4 10%
10% 50% "Shattered Stone" Style
50% 70%


  • One (1) copy of a style is credited per account.
  • Three (3) copies of a specific camouflage are credited per nation. They cannot be switched after they've been applied to a vehicle.
  • Six (6) copies of the participant emblem, decal, and badge will be credited per account.
  • You must play at least five (5) battles on Global Map during Season 13.

What's Next?

Once Season 13 is over, the Global Map will be frozen, and Influence accumulated over the season, as well as the special Treasuries, will be reset.

Good luck, and may the best Clan conquer the Globe!

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