Global Map Season 11 is On the Horizon!

New Global Map, New Alliances!

The latest season of the Global Map is quickly approaching, and we're making some cool new additions to our Alliance system from Season 10! Here are a few tidbits to get you up to speed.

Key Points

Season 11 of the Global Map will run Apr. 3-May 20, 16:00–20:00 PT | 18:00–22:00 CT | 19:00–23:00 ET.

The Alliance system did well in Season 10, and we continue to further polish it.

Season 10 proved the Alliance mechanics are entertaining. Thanks to Alliances, the strongest clans were able to hold dozens of provinces and substitute for their allies by having their battles transferred to them, popping up in the right place at the right time. It became apparent that the system should be somehow limited but at the same time given more strategic depth and flexibility. Besides that, Influence as a Global Map currency should be supplemented with new possibilities to expand on the strategic component of the game.

For this, Alliances have been revised in Season 11: the maximum number of Minor Powers has been increased to 5, and a clan's strategic actions have been limited with the help of a new feature — Administration Points.

Administration Points (AP) are a new resource that clans purchase using Influence and invest in strategic capabilities: controlling provinces, allying with Minor Powers, and transferring battles.

In view of the major changes in season regulations, all Alliances created in Season 10 will be disbanded, and all clans will receive 1,500 Influence and 6 Administration Points. Be careful when spending them since your income may diminish due to oversights in action planning.

Main Features of Season 11

The Global Map will expand and contain areas without income, allowing weaker Clans to acquaint themselves with the Global Map gameplay.

The cost of Divisions will increase dynamically, with each subsequent Division requiring more Influence.

The Alliance mechanics introduced in the Anniversary Season will be supplemented with new features that affect the Clan's strategic capabilities, including the ability to transfer battles.

Convoys will operate differently at the start of the season. Gold received by Convoy recipients or ransackers will affect Victory Points in the seasonal rating.

1. Administration Points

A new Clan resource emerges in Season 11 that can be purchased using Influence and invested in the strategic capabilities of Clans and Alliances.

Administration Points can be used for controlling provinces, allying with Minor Powers, and transferring battles.

Each Clan is provided with 6 Administration Points at the start of the season with additional Administration Points purchasable using Influence.

Clans will get a history of Alliances that they were a part of.

Receiving income from a large number of provinces will also change—now, if a clan owns more than 10 provinces, gold will be added to its Treasury from the 10 provinces providing the smallest income.

The special Treasury where taxes are accumulated to be dispatched with convoys is limited to 20,000 gold and 20,000 Influence.

The maximum number of clan Administration Points is 16.

Receiving and Investing Administration Points

  Deducts AP: Adds AP:
Minor Powers When gaining a new Minor Power, Major Powers lose Administration Points. When losing a Minor Power, Major Powers receive Administration Points.
Transferring battles When transferring battles to an ally, clans have to invest Administration Points. Administration Points are reimbursed to clans if an ally declines to substitute for them in battles.


Administration Points are reimbursed to clans after 24 turns have passed since they transferred their battles.
Provinces When clans receive a province, Administration Points are deducted. When Clans lose a province, Administration Points are reimbursed.
IMPORTANT: If a Clan's Administration Point value becomes negative, an economic penalty is imposed based on 10% of its income in any Clan currency. For example: If a Clan has -3 Administration Points, it suffers a 30% penalty to all types of income (such as Gold and Influence). The penalty cannot exceed 100%.

Action Costs

Action: Cost:
Minor Power pact 2
Province 1
Battle Delegation 1

Administration Costs in Influence

Administration Point (by count): Influence Cost:
1st 100
2nd 500
3rd 1,000
4th 2,500
5th 5,000
6th 10,000
7th 20,000
8th 30,000
9th 50,000
10th 75,000

2. Changes in Taxation

Like Season 10, a certain percentage of all Clan income from the Global Map (Gold and Influence) is accumulated by Minor Powers as taxes. Upon reaching a certain amount of currency, it's possible to dispatch a convoy to the Major Power.

In Season 11, the special Treasury where taxes are accumulated is limited by 20,000 units for both Gold and Influence. If convoys aren't dispatched, all resources deposited into an already full Treasury will be lost.

3. Dynamic Increase of Division Cost

To make the element of strategy more pronounced, each new Division will require more Influence. At the same time, the system does not consider whether the existing Divisions were purchased using Influence or received for free.

For example: say a Clan has won four Divisions in landing tournaments and two Divisions they organized - a total of six Divisions. When purchasing the seventh Divisions, the Clan needs to spend 2,000 Influence.

Division (by count): Influence Cost:
1st 200
2nd 300
3rd 500
4th 750
5th 1,000
6th 1,500
7th 2,000
8th 3,000
9th 5,000
10th 7,500

4. General Rules

Season Dates, Days Off

The season runs Apr. 3-May 20, 16:00–20:00 PT | 18:00–22:00 CT | 19:00–23:00 ET.


Regular, auction, and landing provinces will be available on the Global Map.

The battlefield is divided into zones with various levels of income, including provinces with no income.

There will be a total 210 provinces on the map with ~20% landing and ~5% auction provinces.


Abbey Fisherman's Bay Mines Ruinberg
Airfield Himmelsdorf Mountain Pass Sand River
Cliff Karelia Murovanka Steppes
El Halluf Lakeville Prokhorovka Westfield
Ensk Malinovka Redshire  

Landing Tournaments and Auctions

  • Number of applications for landing tournaments: 32
  • Maximum number of active landing applications that can be submitted by a Clan: 6 (if a Clan has at least 90 members with a Tier X vehicle)
  • Clans owning provinces cannot land on the Global Map.
  • Clans cannot attack landing provinces by land.
  • The province owner does not participate in tournaments on landing provinces and battles in tournaments through auction, or in attacks by land on their own provinces.

First Day, World Redivision

  • All Global Map provinces will be landing provinces on the first day of the season. At the end of Prime Time, provinces will switch to the main mode as per the general rules of the season.
  • Number of applications for landing tournaments on the first day of the season: 16
  • If a battle for the landing province ends in a draw, it'll be counted as a defeat for both challengers.

Influence and Divisions

  • Division cost: 200 Influence (the cost of Divisions increases depending on the Clan's number of Divisions).
  • Division upkeep is free.
  • Division modules are enabled for strategic effect.

5. General Settings

  • Penalties are ON.
  • "Fog of War" and vehicle freeze time are ON.
  • Alliances are ON.
  • Clan operations are ON.
  • Revolts are ON.
  • The maximum number of clan Minor Powers is 5.
  • Ransacks are ON. When ransacking provinces, clans receive 2 days' worth of province income. Upon being ransacked, provinces do not generate income for 3 days.

6. Rewards

In Season 11, Clans can earn two sets of rewards.

Set 1: Rewards for the Clan's position in the Alley of fame. As before, Victory Points are received for Gold earned on the Global Map. Depending on the Clan's position, its members can receive a style, participation emblems, and medals.

Set 2: Rewards for the Clan's position on the political leaderboard at the end of the season. The higher the position, the more bonds a Clan receives in its Treasury.

medal: style &

Clan Assault Style

Shattered Stone Style

Clan Winter Camouflage

Participation Emblem:


4 10%
10% 50%

Shattered Stone Style

Clan Winter Camouflage

50% 70% Clan Winter Camouflage

6.1 Alley of Fame


  • One (1) copy of a style is credited per account.
  • Three (3) copies of a camouflage are credited per nation. They cannot be switched after they've been applied to a vehicle.
  • Six (6) copies of the participant emblem, decal, and badge will be credited per account.

6.2 Political Leaderboard

Clans will earn bonds in their clan Treasury depending on their position at the end of Season 11.


Start Position: End Position: Bonds:
1 1 60,000 
2 2 50,000 
3 3 40,000 
4 6 35,000 
7 9 30,000 
10 12 25,000 
13 15 20,000 
16 17 15,000 
18 19 10,000 
20 20 5,000 
21 40 2,500 
41 60 1,500 

What's Next?

Once Season 11 is over, the Global Map will be frozen, and Influence accumulated over the season as well as the special Alliance Treasuries will be reset.

The next large-scale event on the Global Map will take place this summer. More information will be provided later down the road.

Good luck, and may the best Clan conquer the Globe!