Global Map Season 10 is Here!

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Season 10 on the Global Map — Rules and Regulations:


The 10th anniversary season on the Global Map starts on September 24 at 05:00 PT | 07:00 CT | 08:00 ET through December 4 at 05:00 PT | 07:00 CT | 08:00 ET.

IMPORTANT: The Global Map will be frozen on the following dates:
Oct. 31-Nov. 4 (will resume the regular schedule on Nov. 5)
Nov. 22-25 (will resume the regular schedule on Nov. 26)

New clan styles, anniversary medals and bonds to the clan vault will be provided as rewards of the anniversary season.New mechanics will be available: hierarchical clan unions and dynamically appearing high-income provinces that cannot be ransacked. The rewards also include something new.

In Season 10, the income of the map will be increased to the equivalent of almost 128,000 Gold per day.

Province income has also been revised. In Season 10, the minimum province income will be increased, and there will be six levels of province income:

504 Gold 600 Gold 960 Gold 1,200 Gold 2,040 Gold 3,600 Gold

The clan mission will comprise two groups: for Gold and influence, however the economy will be revised.

Season 10 will also see the return of FireFly provinces. There will be three (3) provinces worth 7,080 Gold that will move to a different province every three (3) weeks. Starting October 8, 2018 and changing on the following dates:

October 22, 2018 November 5, 2018 November 19, 2018 December 3, 2018

In Season 10, vehicles of Tiers VIII, IX, and X will be allowed in battles on the Global Map.

In addition, to avoid overlapping with the Holiday Ops and specials, the winter large-scale game event on the Global Map will take place after the New Year holidays. 


1. Alliances

In Season 10, clans will be able to consolidate hierarchical unions (Alliances). 

Clans that are bound with an agreement are considered to be an Alliance. 

The relationship between two clans is called an Agreement, and one of the clans becomes the main clan (Major Power), while the other one becomes a subordinate clan (Minor Powers). A subordinate clan can have only one major power, while a major power can have several minor powers (up to a maximum of 3). 

Clans that are bound by an agreement on the Global Map can transfer provinces and delegate battles to each other. Also, minor powers should pay off a share of the income (a contribution) earned on the Global Map to their major power.

All clans that belong to a single alliance and are hierarchically bound to a single clan are called Allies. Clans within an alliance cannot attack provinces and convoys of allied clans. 

At the same time, when meeting in a tournament for a province owned by another clan or in a landing tournament, and also during convoy tournaments, clans that belong to the same alliance will fight without restrictions.

A check for attack possibility is performed at the moment it is scheduled. If the clans became members of the same alliance after an attack is scheduled, the attack will not be canceled and the battles will take place without restrictions.

1.1. Agreement Between Clans

Any two clans can make an agreement. When an offer is sent to a clan, the offered status (minor/major power) and the size of contribution should be specified. The clan that receives an offer can accept or decline it.

All possibilities that an agreement provides come into action on the next day on the Global Map (at 05:00 PT | 07:00 CT | 08:00 ET).

Example 1: Clans make an agreement on October 1, at 03:30 PT | 05:30 CT | 06:30 ET. After a turn is calculated on October 1, at 05:00 PT | 07:00 CT | 08:00 ET, the clans will be able to transfer provinces to each other or delegate battles on the Global Map.
Example 2: Clans make an agreement after calculating the turn on October 1, at 05:15 PT | 07:15 CT | 08:15 ET. In this case, the clans will be able to transfer provinces to each other or delegate battles on the Global Map only when the turns is calculated on October 2, at 05:00 PT | 07:00 CT | 08:00 ET.

Clans can terminate an agreement at any time. However, delegated battles will remain without changes.

Note: Breaking an alliance agreement will come at a cost. Each time an alliance agreement is broken, the number of Minor Powers a Major Power can have will be reduced by one from the standard 3.


Example: if Clan A is a Major Power for Clans B, C and D and during the same day Clan A breaks the alliance agreement with Clans C and D, the Minor Power cap for Clan A will be reduced to 1

The Minor Power cap will automatically be restored to 3 each day at 05:00 PT | 07:00 CT | 08:00 ET.

1.2. Transferring Provinces

Clans that are bound by an agreement can transfer provinces on the Global Map. 

Any province (except ones where the Headquarters are located) can be transferred. At the same time, the province will be transferred only when all battles on it are over and only if the province owner has not changed. If the owner's Division is located on the province, it will be transferred to a new owner together with the province.

Example: clan A makes a request of province transfer to its minor power clan B at 12:30 PT | 14:30 CT | 15:30 ET. The Prime Time of this province is 16:00 PT | 18:00 CT | 19:00 ET, but the province has been attacked by several clans. If clan A maintains ownership of the province after all battles are over, when a turn is calculated, the province will be transferred to clan B. If clan A loses the province when all battles are over, the request of province transfer is canceled.

1.3. Delegating Battles

Clans that are bound by an agreement can delegate battles on the Global Map, including landings and landing auctions.

If a delegated attack takes place in the form of a tournament (landing or a tournament among challengers for a province), the clan to which the attacked has been delegated will play the entire tournament.

If a clan does not enter a delegated battle, both clans (delegating and delegated) will receive the no-show penalties.

WARNING: Penalty will not be displayed in a log for a Clan who delegated their battle.

When creating a request to delegate a battle, the clan the battle is delegated to should confirm the request. At the same time, confirmation should be performed at least one turn before the Prime Time of the province where the delegated battle will take place.

A battle can be delegated to one clan only. A battle cannot be delegated to several clans at the same time.

1.4. Contribution

In Season 10 of the Global Map, all income (Gold and influence) to the vaults of minor powers will be displayed to their major power. A share of a minor power's income (Gold and influence) is accumulated in a special vault and should be sent to the major power with a convoy. The minimum amount of contribution is 20%, but when making an agreement this percentage can be increased to a maximum of 50%.

A convoy can be sent only when the threshold in the special vault is reached.

2. Convoys

When a minor power accumulates enough resources, it can send a convoy to their major power, and clans that do not belong to the alliance can attempt to rob the convoy. 

How it works (as illustrated in 2.1, 2.2, and 2.3):

2.1. Vault for Contribution

If a clan (minor power) is bound by an agreement, a certain share of all the clan's income on the Global Map (Gold and influence) is accumulated as a contribution in a special vault and can be set to the major power once a certain threshold of the currencies is reached.

If an agreement is terminated when the vault is not empty, it will be reserved; if the agreement is made under the same conditions again, the vault will be refilled and a convoy can be sent.

A vault with accumulated currencies will be reset (irrespective of resource availability), when the season ends.

2.2. Sending a Convoy

When a minor power accumulates a certain amount of contribution, they can send a convoy. The bigger the amount of the contribution sent to the major power, the more days such a convoy travels. Every day, a convoy should be defended on a randomly selected map.

When sending a convoy, the time of battles for convoy, server, and clan-defender are selected. 

Once a convoy is sent, it is displayed on the list of all convoys on the Global Map, and other non-allied clans can attempt to rob it.

2.3. Attacking a Convoy

Any clan can attempt to attack and rob a convoy that is delivering a contribution. To do that, a bid in Influence should be made on the desired convoy, similarly to the bids on landing auctions.

More than one winner is possible when attacking a convoy; the maximum number of auction winners is 8

If several clans make the same bid, the clan that made the bid first will have priority.

One turn before the scheduled battle time, the tournament grid is built, which includes clans that made the highest bids in clan Fame Points.

The winner of the tournament for a convoy fights against the convoy defender; if the attacker wins, it receives a share of the convoy resources.

The bids of clans that did not win will be returned to their clans.

A drawn game against the convoy defender is considered to be the victory of the defender; a drawn game between the challengers for a convoy is considered to be a defeat of both teams. 

No penalty is imposed on the convoy defender for no-show in battle.

Important: The convoy mechanic will be enabled in early November — please stay tuned for more information.

4. Political Leaderboard

Clans that own provinces on the Global Map, or belong to an alliance, will be placed on the political leaderboard.

The clan's position on the leaderboard will depend on the total amount of points earned in three categories: points for owning provinces, points for minor powers, and points for convoys.

To be placed on the political leaderboard, at least one battle on the Global Map must be played.

4.1. Points for Owning Provinces

This part of the leaderboard displays points for owning income-generating provinces. If a clan does not own an income-generating province, the income will be equal to 0.

4.2. Points for Minor Powers

Every minor power contributes half of its points for owning income-generating provinces and for income-generating provinces of their major power. 

Important: Points for owning provinces and for minor powers are not cumulative. These parameters display the current state, not progression. If a clan loses provinces and/or minor powers: these parameters will be equal to zero. Be careful, especially at the end of the season.

4.3. Points for Convoys

When sending a convoy, both major and minor powers earn political points.

The number of points depends on the amount of sent resources: the more Gold and influence, the more points a clan receives.

Unlike points for provinces and minor powers, points for convoys are cumulative and cannot be lost.

Important: points for convoys are added to the convoy sender and receiver, irrespective of the actual resources that are eventually delivered.

4.4. Formula of Political Points

ClanPoliticsPoints = ClanLandAndVassalLeaderboardPoints + ClanConvoyLeaderboardPoints

ClanLandAndVassalLeaderboardPoints = ClanLand * ClanLandMultiplier + SUM(ClanLandAndVassalPointsi)*ClanVassalMultiplier, where:

ClanLand The number of the clan's income-generating provinces owned at the moment of calculation
ClanLandMultiplier The balance coefficient for owning provinces (equals 30,000)
ClanLandAndVassalPointsi ClanLandAndVassalPoints of every current minor power
ClanVassalMultiplier Balance coefficient for minor powers (equal 0.5)

ClanConvoyLeaderboardPoints = ClanGold * GoldLeaderboardCoef + ClanInfluence*InfluenceLeaderboardCoef, where:

ClanGold The amount of Gold that was sent in convoys by or to this clan
ClanInfluence The amount of influence that was sent in convoys by or to this clan
Configurable parameters

5. General Rules

  • Regular, auction, and landing provinces will be available on the Global Map. 
  • Clan operations are ON.
  • “Fog of War” is ON.
  • Province progression is OFF.
  • Province income limit is OFF.
  • Auctions are ON.
  • Pretense bids are OFF.
  • Vehicle lock is ON.
  • Ransacks are ON (except for high-income provinces).
  • Revolts are ON.
  • Shifting battle start time for Influence is OFF. In 50% of provinces, battle start time is shifted by 15 minutes, depending on their Prime Times.
  • The province owner does not participate in tournaments on landing provinces and in battles in tournaments through auction, or in attacks by land on their own provinces.
  • Number of landing tournament participants: 32.
  • Maximum number of active landing applications that can be submitted by a clan: 6 (if clan has at least 90 members who have a Tier X vehicle)
  • Clans that already own provinces cannot apply for landing tournaments on the Global Map.
  • Clans cannot attack landing provinces by land.
  • Division modules are ON (strategic effect).
  • Division cost: 200 influence.
  • Division upkeep is free.
  • Penalties are ON.
  • On the first day of the game event, all provinces on the Global Map will be landing provinces. Once Prime Time is over, the provinces will switch to the main mode of the game event according to the general rules of the season.
  • Number of landing tournament participants on the first day of the event: 16.
  • If a battle for a landing province ends in draw, it will be counted as a defeat for the challengers.
  • Number of provinces: 140
  • Prime Time: from 16:00 PT | 18:00 CT | 19:00 ET to 20:00 PT | 22:00 CT | 23:00 ET.
Abbey Fisherman's Bay Mountain Pass Sand River
Airfield Himmelsdorf Murovanka Steppes
Airfield Karelia Prokhorovka Westfield
El Halluf Lakeville Redshire  
Ensk Malinovka Ruinberg  

6. Rewards

In Season 10, clans can earn two sets of rewards:

Set one: Rewards for the clan's position in the Hall of Fame. As before, Victory Points are received for Gold earned on the Global Map; depending on the clan's position, its members can receive a style, emblems, and medals.
Set two: Clans receive this for their position on the political leaderboard at end of the season. The higher the position, the more bonds a clan receives to the clan vault.


6.1. Hall of Fame

6.2. Political Leaderboard

Clans will earn Bonds to their clan vault depending on their position at the end of Season 10.

What's next?

Once Season 10 is over, the Global Map will be locked, influence and special vault of alliances will be reset.

The large-scale game event on the Global Map will take place after the New Year holidays; more information will be provided in the final portal article dedicated to Season 10.

Good luck on the battlefield!