Clan Wars Landing Improvements


We are proud to present a new feature for the Global Map – a special page listing all the provinces available for landing.

This page was created to make choosing suitable landing points easier for Clans. With careful use of the included filter options, you can spend less time browsing around the Global Map deciding which province you wish to land on. All the information that you need is gathered in one place!

One of the main advantages of this new Clan Wars feature is the ability to apply for a landing using this page alone.

Open a Global Map page and click the “Provinces available for landing” button below to browse the landing list.


By clicking the highlighted button, the following window appears:


In the table you will find the following info:

  • Province name
  • Prime time
  • Map name
  • Income for the province
  • Name of the province owner
  • Time owned (in days)
  • Number of landing applications

You can sort the above list by any of its parameters. Additionally, you will find filters by region, prime time and map above that.

Revolting provinces are marked with a special icon near the province name as shown here:

In the upper right corner, you can find information about your available chips in green. To deploy your chips, click the “+” button opposite the province that you choose. You can submit several applications in accordance with the number of chips that you have.

If you change your mind and do not want to participate in a landing tournament, you can click the cross near the amount of chips deployed and cancel your application until the turn has ended. Additionally, you can recall all applications simultaneously by clicking the “Cancel all applications” button below.

Click the “OK” button to go back to the Global Map.

Any Clan member can browse the list of “Provinces available for landing,” but only the Commander, Deputy Commander and Company Commander can deploy your Clan’s chips.

Good luck on the battlefield!

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