WGLNA Finals Contender Spotlight: Elevate

The WGLNA Gold League Regional Finals are getting closer! As the big day approaches, we’re profiling the top teams preparing to throw down!



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Elevate (formerly Apex) reached first place early on and stayed there for the entire regular season. As last season’s top team, they’re headed to the Regional Finals as returning champions and the team to beat.

We asked team captain Ben “Comps” Mongeon some questions heading into the Regional Finals.

Question: Your team had a bunch of pressure-free weeks since you qualified so far in advance of the end of the regular season. Do you feel that could come into play at all?

Answer: Having time off benefited the team. It allowed us to focus on the Finals and work on new material with the recent meta change.

Q: Are you worried about being rusty?

A: I don’t think anyone on the team is worried about being rusty for the Finals. We’ve had a serious training regimen in place since before the season even started.

Q: What have you guys done to stay on your game during the time since you qualified?

A: The answer to that is simple: practice. We’ve been keeping busy with practice, which we do six to eight times a week. Most days involve double practice where we run scrimmages with the EU team in the afternoon and NA teams at night.

Q: Okay, pointed question time: Last year you were sitting in pretty much the exact spot you are now; going into the second Regional Finals of the year. You were first place champions of Season I and highly favored for the Season II finals in Vegas, but your team basically dropped the ball in Vegas and missed the Grand Finals. Does that cross your mind at all going into this event?

A: It doesn’t really cross my mind, since new measures have been put in place to prevent that from happening.

Q: Is there anything you guys did or are doing differently to make sure there’s no repeat?

A: Basically, the team going into this final is completely different from the one who fell short at the Vegas finals. The roster has changed drastically and only two players remain from the seven that were on stage that day. The team going into this final is one of the greatest assembled in North America. There’s no doubt in my mind that it will not succumb to the same shortcomings as the team from two seasons ago.

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