WGLNA Finals Contender Spotlight: eClipse

The WGLNA Gold League Regional Finals are getting closer! As the big day approaches, we’re profiling the top teams preparing to throw down!



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Past North American Champion, eClipse, makes their second appearance at the Regional Finals this year. They barely seized second place after a long, close fight with Dare Rising at the end of the regular season. Will the former champions be able to take down their opponents and reclaim the WGLNA crown?

We asked team captain Austin "T1_Diabetic " Zeitter this and more heading into the Regional Finals.

Question: Last year, eClipse took home the WGLNA crown in Vegas. What's the biggest hurdle the team has overcome since then?

Answer: The biggest hurdle was adjusting to a new lineup and new players, especially after four out of our seven starters were poached and another one of our players got suspended this season.

Q: Your team has a shot at heading to their second Grand Finals. Will this affect how eClipse plays these finals?

A: Not at all. We've consistently shown that we're a top contender in NA and we've yet to fail to qualify for an event. All we need to do is perform.

Q: The first team you’re playing is Dare Rising, a team closely tied with you all season. Are you approaching your showdown with them any differently?

A: No. We just weren't playing well in our first match with them, and the second match was a tiebreak win for us after a huge roster shakeup. The newer [members] were just getting used to our team and how we played. Since then, we've had time to practice and get them comfortable, so this match should be a good one.

Q: If you get past Dare Rising in the first match, odds are you'll face Elevate in the final round. As the only team to win more than one battle against them, how are you feeling about the match-up?

A: We like showing that Elevate is not the strongest North American team and that we have what it takes to beat them. Being seen as the "underdog" gives us the motivation to go and prove people wrong.

Q: Any additional comments, Captain?

A: Just looking forward to another finals and hoping we can provide some good matches. Hopefully, we leave with first place again and advance to another Grand Finals.

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