Changes to Clan Wars

In the interests of sharing and caring, we have a quick update on some recent changes to Clan Wars that may be of interest to you dedicated players:

Challengers Battles

  • These battles will now be fought tournament style, similar to a Landing Tournament

  • Clans attacking must have a minimum of eight (8) chips. Having fewer than that will result in a loss and remove the Clan from further combat

Clan Tasks

  • Early Expedition Tasks now have a higher probability of occurring

  • Some Scenario Task prizes have increased

  • Clan Tasks info page

New Interface for Clan Ratings

Additional features have been added:

  • Rating for Stronghold
  • Clan statistics by battle types
  • Detailed Clan stats, including a Clan's most popular vehicles

See the new Clan Ratings here

 Click to enlarge

Stay tuned for more! 

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