Strongholds Public Test: Raid Mode


With the launch of this latest Public Test, you will have the opportunity to upgrade your Stronghold to its maximum level through the acquisition of industrial resources. As your Clan's Stronghold crosses into Level 5 and beyond, your Clan will become eligible to battle against other Strongholds!

Strongholds represent Clan property and consist of a virtual military base, the zones surrounding it, and auxiliary buildings. Strongholds are created by Clan commanders for free.

In order to ensure that raiding in Strongholds is as exciting and enjoyable as possible, we would like your feedback regarding all aspects of this new play mode. By taking part in the Strongholds Public Test, you can help us to shape Strongholds through your feedback and suggestions. With your help, our development team can continue to review your feedback and make improvements.

Take part in a Strongholds Raiding contest and be the Clan to win 25,000 for your Clan Treasury! Please ALSO leave your feedback and any bugs you may find there.

Main Features of the Strongholds Public Test:

  • Possibility to create a Stronghold and upgrade it to Level 10
  • Ability to build Structures that produce special Reserves (bonuses) which can be upgraded to Level 10
  • Possibility to participate in Skirmishes
  • Possibility to set a 'Defending period' for a Stronghold
  • Ability to attack other Clans' Strongholds
  • All Strongholds content that is available from the live server will also be available on the Public Test

Special changes ONLY for the Strongholds Public Test:

  • All buildings are tier IV by default
  • Command Center has tier IV with enough resources to allow you to upgrade to tier V
  • Every Clan member can create your Clan's Stronghold (not just Clan Commander)
  • Every Clan member can set your Clan's 'Defending Hour' and attack enemy Strongholds
  • Clan tags are renamed and randomly assigned
  • Skirmish income increased by a x5 coefficient

General Information

World of Tanks players are eligible to take part in the Strongholds Public Test as long as they registered before September 29 2014.

If you changed your password after this date, you will only be able to log into the Public Test server using your previous password. All Clans may participate in the Strongholds Public Test as long as the Clan was created before this date.

All Clan tags will be changed during the Public Test.

Download the Strongholds Public Test


  1. Download the test client installer
  2. Save and run the installer
  3. Run the test client launcher. The launcher will automatically download all additional data


Please be aware of the following:

The test server will be restarted regularly according to the following schedule:

  • First Periphery: 04:00 UTC (07:00 FET) daily. Average Duration: 25 minutes
  • Second Periphery: 05:00 UTC (08:00 FET) daily. Average Duration: 25 minutes
  • Central Database: 09:00 UTC (12:00 FET) daily. Average duration: 2 minutes

Be sure to install the test launcher in a different folder from the current game client version. Also, close all game clients before installing the update.

Please note the following features of the Strongholds Public Test server:

  • Payments are not accepted on the server
  • All test accounts will receive a one-time stipend of 20,000, 100,000,000, and 100,000,000 Free XP
  • Progress won't be transferred to the main NA server
  • Credits and experience rates will not be increased for this test

All changes made to Clans on the test server will not be made on the main NA server

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