Clans Update


We continue to work on Clan functionality, and another round of improvements arrives on October 10. Here's what's in store:

Creating a Clan Is Simple

Now any player can create a Clan without spending Gold. Previously, to create a clan, a player would need to spend 2,500 Gold; starting on Oct. 10 it can be done for 1,000,000 Credits.

Styles for Clan Players

All players who belong to a Clan will receive a new style. The style is season-dependent (summer, winter, and desert) and can be applied to vehicles of any nation and Tier. 

Important: If you leave a Clan, the style will be taken away; once you join another Clan, the style will be available again.

Searching for Clan

Searching for a Clan in the game client will be simpler. Instead of the Stronghold tab, the Clans tab will be displayed to players who do not belong to a Clan. In the tab, players can view the list of Clans they can join without application approval.

Additional changes are coming, so stay tuned for more information!