[Updated] Clan Wars: Daylight Savings & Unscheduled Downtime

Last updated November 2 at 12:25 PDT - Clan Wars will be resuming tonight at 18:15 PM PDT (21:15 PM EDT). Battles will be played tonight. See this topic for more information and the schedule for the upcoming days.


Today, we are preparing for the Daylight Saving time change with a shift in times on the Clan Wars Event and Sandbox maps. Time zones have been shifted an hour forward in anticipation of the time change early Sunday morning.

Please make sure to check what time your battles are, as they will be an hour later than you expect today and tomorrow (Saturday, November 2). If you were planning on battling tonight at 6:00 PM then your battles will start an hour later at 7:00 PM and don’t forget tomorrow’s battles will also be shifted in the same manner!