Clans - 2018 Recap and Road Ahead


The recent season on the Global Map has ended and it's time for a recap. Let’s dig into the details and find out what changes and improvements will take place in the next and future seasons! 


The search for a suitable clan is much easier. Any player can find and join a clan in two clicks via the “Clans” tab. Each player in the clan also gets their own customization style. Now, after joining the clan, the "Clans" tab in your game client switches to the "Stronghold."

In the 10th season, the clan vault expanded — now you can store not only Gold, but also Bonds. In the future, it will also be possible to store Credits in all clan vaults. 

In 2019 we aim to introduce new bonuses and new features for all clan players.


In 2019, clans will receive a new dedicated in-game landing page. All relevant information will be gathered on one final and eye-catching landing page so players can easily find important news about upcoming events, clan activities, access Strongholds, and more.

We will also introduce an auto search for Legionnaires in Skirmishes. Players who are interested in playing as a team can now quickly and easily start playing in Stronghold — all you need to do is pick a vehicle, click "Battle!", and your team will be matchmade automatically.

Global Map

Introducing Alliances was the most significant update on the Global Map this year. Now the War is truly global — giving clan commanders more strategic opportunities. Clans can:

  • Form Alliances
  • Attempt to attack and rob a convoy delivering a contribution
  • Compete in the political Leaderboard and earn Political Points

After reviewing your feedback, we found all these improvements infused a new spirit into the war on the Global Map. These changes also revived the clan policy and escalated the confrontation between the strongest clans and alliances. We continue to work on the alliance functionality and will throw a little more gas on the rivalry fire in upcoming seasons.

On the Horizon

We heard your feedback! In 2019, we intend to keep improving the entire mechanic and turn clans into a more accessible, transparent, and understandable platform for casual players.

We will also introduce extra bonuses for just being in clans. Players will be able to bring benefits to their clans and, at the same time, not participate in competitive activities. In other words, you can join a clan and carry out the clan missions without changing your usual game style — playing just for fun — as always!

NOTE: All these improvements are only the basis for further work to make the clan functionality more welcoming and enjoyable. Your feedback is really important, so feel free to leave all your comments and join the discussion over on the forum.

Meet the T95/FV4201 Chieftain — the British heavy tank!

That’s not all folks!

In the Jan. 2019 "Soldiers of Fortune" event, a new British reward tank will be introduced. Meet the T95/FV4201 Chieftain, a status Tier X heavy vehicle with an incredibly solid turret, well-sloped armor, and a menacing gun with a high Alpha hit! A great reward for any Сommander, isn't it?

The Arms Race event, which took place on the Global Map this year, clearly demonstrated the clan commanders obtained a challenging, but flexible tool to compete for leadership in the events. But for regular clan players, the quantity and quality of rewards earned in the game remained almost unchanged.

It took a lot of thought on how to reward clan players, so we finally decided to let players determine their own rewards! During this event, clan players can influence earned rewards for participating in battles on the Global Map, and decide what to spend them on.



Enjoy the holidays, Commanders! Stay tuned for news about the next Season of Clan Wars!