Clan Wars Global Re-Map


Good news, comrades! We hear that you enjoy Highway, so we added more Highways to the CW Map (we also removed a bunch too!). Seriously though, the maps have been rebalanced throughout the North American regions in order to add some variety to your nightly battles. This also brings back some old favorites, such as Himmelsdorf, Abbey, Prokhorovka, Ensk, Erlenberg, Komarin, and Airfield. To see what maps you’ll be fighting on, take a look at the forum post below.

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That’s not all!

One of the biggest sources of confusion during the First Campaign was the naming of regions used for the North American server. We’d like to help resolve this confusion, so we will be renaming the regions as follows:

Canada and Alaskawill become The Arctic Circle

The southern border of this region matches very closely with the bounds of the Arctic Circle, which also includes nearly all of Greenland and a large part of Alaska.

United States of America will become North America

Nearly all (more than 99.9%) of North America’s population resides outside of the Arctic Circle. Even though North America technically does include some of the Arctic Circle, the most common perception of North America is that of the area depicted in this region.

These changes will go live with an update to take place on October 29.

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