Clan Wars Campaigns Stage III: Revolution Epoch


Firstly, thanks to everyone for their patience over the past week as we had to work through some technical hurdles. We've done our best to make sure those errors won't happen going forward (for more details click here). Now that we're closing in on the end of Stage II of the current campaign, it's time to turn our attention towards the next phase: Stage III: Revolution Epoch. Below are all of the rules that will be in effect.

Third Stage: Revolution Epoch

Dates & Times

Stage III Begins: July 8, 2013

Stage III Ends: July 17, 2013

NOTE: The Clan Wars map will be inaccessible from 04:50 PDT (07:50 EDT) to 07:00 PDT (10:00 EDT) on July 8, 2013.

Rules and Tier Limits

There will not be a map wipe at the start of this stage. Riots and Ransacking remain in effect, however tank locking is disabled.

Tier IX: July 8 - July 11

Tier X: July 12 - July 17

Victory Point Crediting

Clans that own a province at the start of the stage will receive 6,000 VP for each province.

Throughout Stage III

  • Capture a Territory: +6,000 VP
  • Lose a Territory: -6,000 VP

At the End of Stage III

  • All Clans that have held at least one province at any time during this stage will receive 1,000 VP (limit once/clan).
  • For each province owned at the end of Stage III, Clans will receive 6,000 VP multiplied by the number of days that province has been held. In order to earn this bonus each territory must be connected to the headquarters, and ownership time will only be counted from the beginning of this stage.

List of Rewards for Revolution Epoch

Players who are in these Clans must participate in at least five battles during this stage in order to qualify for the following rewards.


With Fire and Sword

Pacifying the largest number of Riots during Stage III.

M60 Tank

The top five Clans that receive the largest amount of Victory Points in Stage III will earn the M60 tank.


Iron Fist

Receiving the largest amount of Victory Points during Stage III.


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