Clan Wars Campaign: Stage IV Revealed


The third stage of the first Clan Wars campaign will soon be at its end. The time has come to announce the next step and launch date of the fourth stage, World Domination. Find all the details below!

Stage IV: World Domination, July 18 – 27

During this stage, there will be no more vehicle tier restrictions and all battles will continue to be fought with Tier X tanks. However, there will be some changes in the VP crediting mechanics, and some features that were present in the previous stages will be disabled.

July 18 - 22

Victory Points will be credited each turn throughout all Stage IV. The vehicle tier restriction will remain at tier X throughout the entire stage.

Rules for VP Crediting During Stage IV:

  • At the start of the stage, provinces owned by the clan will generate a total amount of VP equal to their daily income multiplied by 50
  • Capturing a province will generate a total amount of VP equal to its daily income multiplied by 50
  • If a clan loses a province, its VP score will be reduced by a total amount of VP equal to the daily income of that province multiplied by 50
  • All clans which have owned a province during the stage at least once will be awarded 1500 VP at the end of the stage

 Riots and Ransacking Will Be Disabled:

  • The ‘Ransack province’ button in the UI will be blocked
  • Ransacked provinces will have their incomes restored
  • The display of the ‘Chance of a Riot’ parameter will be disabled

Income Equalization:

  • The total incomes of all provinces on the Global Map will be calculated
  • The result will be divided by the number of regions
  • The current income of the region will be calculated
  • The average region income will be divided by the current income of the region, thus giving a coefficient
  • The income of each province will be multiplied by this coefficient and set as the province income for the last stage of the first campaign
  • The formula will be applied for each region

For a detailed explanation on the equalization of region's incomes please visit our explanatory forum post here.

July 23 - 27

All landing zones will be disabled. 
  • All applications for landing will be sent back to reserve without any penalties

List of Rewards for World Domination Stage:



Awarded for


Removing (conquering their last province) most clans from the Global Map

Ultimate Supremacy

Receiving the largest amount of VP during Stage IV

M60 Tank The top five Clans that receive the largest amount of Victory Points in Stage IV will earn the M60 tank.

Don’t rest just yet – there are still battles to be won, Commanders!

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