Clan Wars Campaign Reminder


The third stage of our first Clan Wars Campaign, Revolution Epoch, is underway. For those of you who are thinking of mixing it up on the Global Map, keep in mind that the tier change happens on July 12, 2013.

Rules and Tier Limits

There will not be a map wipe at the start of this stage. Riots and Ransacking remain in effect, however tank locking is disabled.

Tier IX: July 8 - July 11

Tier X: July 12 - July 17

Remember What You're Fighting For

Clans with the best record or complete various objectives stand to win the following:


With Fire and Sword

Pacifying the largest number of Riots during Stage III.

M60 Tank

The top five Clans that receive the largest amount of Victory Points in Stage III will earn the M60 tank.


Iron Fist

Receiving the largest amount of Victory Points during Stage III.

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