Clan Spotlight: Game-Over

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In this edition of the Clan Spotlight series we are giving you a look into Game Over, the first Brazilian Clan to be featured. Game Over consists of players who are both experienced or relatively new to the Clan Wars scene. Several players from the Clan also participate in the tournament team of the same name that just finished a season in the WGLNA Gold League, and they have a newer team that is doing well in the WGLNA Bronze League.

We interviewed these players to learn more about GAME-OVER:

GANDORFO [-GO-] - Commander of [-GO-]
epinto [-GO-] - Deputy Commander of [-GO-] who also helps with recruiting
HenriqueDante [-GO-] - Soldier, occasional battle caller
Giggmaster [BADGR] - Translator Extraordinaire

You can challenge [-GO-] this Wednesday at 3:00PM PDT in Champion Tank Companies to win yourself some gold, and watch it on Twitch to see Quemapueblos and Hypnotik try to follow battle calling in Portuguese.

When and how was Game Over formed and what are your Clan's goals?

GANDORFO - I already had this clan planned. It was formed from the first batch of people that left the clan ROTA in 2012 and its first name was Action Team. The ROTA players left for several clans, MLP, Forge, -G-, and when we were in VOLT we had a Brazilian team with the support of the clan leadership. In the meanwhile, things got tougher since that BR team played in a lot of tournaments and CW schedule clashed with it. That's when we decided to start the GO clan, bringing our team from VOLT to play the second campaign.

epinto - I don't know the beginning of the clan well...

HenriqueDante - Yeah, I was going to say what you already said.

The second campaign increased GO's exposure. What was the importance of the second campaign to GO and how did it help the clan?

GANDORFO - The second campaign brought in a lot of players, and we were the only BR clan to complete the campaign missions, and with that we managed to bring in many players of different skill levels.

What is your recruiting process like and what qualities are you looking for a player to join your clan?

HenriqueDante - He has to be Brazilian and not be annoying (laughs), because other than that anyone can join.

GANDORFO - The only thing we ask is that the player keeps his commitment to the clan when he joins and that he respects everyone on TS and in game. Other than that, we can work it out. Stats don't mean much to us, because we have low stats and still manage to win every now and then from strong teams. Pinto, do you want to say something?

epinto - (laughs) What do you want me to say? You were saying that only Brazilians get in, I'm no longer needed here! (laughs)

Is there a Brazilian only requirement or is there any restriction on needing to know Portuguese?

GANDORFO - We have no nationality requirements, all it takes is that you can speak Portuguese, communicate...

HenriqueDante - If the player communicates, he's OK.

GANDORFO - And we'll work with that.

How does the clan handle the different time zones, since your time zone situation is complicated?

GANDORFO - Yeah, it's tough.

HenriqueDante - We sleep less (laughs).

epinto - It gets complicated, really complicated.

GANDORFO - That's why we don't go picking fights with the big clans to take their land because we can't due to the schedule. We manage to get a team together, and if the schedule was earlier, by an hour or two, it would help us. But since we can't do it, we'll do it one step at a time.

What would be the perfect schedule for CW and what would participation be like in that schedule?

GANDORFO - Yeah, 21h our time would be great. In that case we would manage, what?, 60/70 chips online out of 100. Right now, 22h, we have 44 people in GO's TS. In some minutes, it will be difficult to field a team because of the schedule.

How does your clan handle diplomacy, since most of the Clans on the map speak English?

HenriqueDante - We ask GiggMaster (laughs)

GiggMaster - Thanks! But I'm not in the clan! (laughs)

GANDORFO - We have several players that don't speak English fluently, but somebody understands a little, some write...

HenriqueDante - Nipp100[HAVOK] gives a hand too.

GANDORFO - That's it, we have friends on the outside that give us a hand. Lately our diplomacy is done with our guns; we aren't doing much normal diplomacy. We get there, we play and we try to win.

How much of your Clan Wars success would you attribute to diplomacy vs skill?

HenriqueDante - 70%-30%

GANDORFO - 30% talking and 70% taking the fight to the other guys. The reality is like this: no clan will try diplomacy with us until they lose the first battle. First they try and see if they can take us out. Then, when they see that they can't, that's when they go for diplomacy. Our thoughts about this are simple: as far as we are concerned, there are no big clans or strong clans. We will charge until they make a mistake, and when they make a mistake, we get in. We're stubborn. Basically that's it, we don't have high level players, but we are stubborn, we will charge until we go through.

Is it hard to recruit from a small community?

GANDORFO - The community isn't that small.

HenriqueDante - There is a lot of division, people that can't unite and we have several clans. The community is big, it's just that...

epinto - There are too many clans for our number of players.

GANDORFO - And the best Brazilian players want to have a better known tag, they want to play for the better known clans, like -G-, VOLT...

What is it like seeing people leave for other big clans, regretting that, and coming back to Brazilian clans?

HenriqueDante - The thing is that the Brazilians that go to other big clans, they can speak English, so they don't have that kind of issues.

GANDORFO - And most of them, either they go on their own and know English, or they go in a group and one of them knows English and handles communication.

epinto - We feel better in a Brazilian clan, right?

GANDORFO - The Brazilian that plays really well, he's an old school Brazilian, he's been on the server since the beginning of Clan Wars, and they already know the clans tricks, so they work a bit through guile, we'll go to that clan, gold is being given here, gold is being given there, that also happens a lot.

What have you learned about Clan Wars and maintaining a clan that you wish you knew when you started?

GANDORFO - In Clan Wars, few players are there for the fame of being on the map, of fighting every night, of defending the clan's flag, and some players are just there for the gold, the so called mercenaries. Nowadays, no Brazilian clan pays anything, and those who want to win something go to other clans. Those who stay are doing it for the flag.

How do you manage the people in the clan between those that just want to play, those who want to have fun and those who are mercenaries?

GANDORFO - We don't have mercenaries, because we don't have anything to offer them. I give some gold to someone to buy some consumables.

HenriqueDante - Or to switch a module.

GANDORFO - A module, things like that. The only thing the clan did, that I promised for the second campaign was that whoever played every day would get the tank (VK72.01K), and those who played every day got it. Other than that, we don't make promises. We play Clan Wars, but we aren't playing against weak teams. We play against strong teams everyday so that we. If it was just to get on the map and farm gold for 2/3 days, we have the team to do that, but then we wouldn't have anything to gain from it, we wouldn't gain experience, we wouldn't gain tactical knowledge. The only thing we can offer is the glory of winning from a big team, and nothing else.

Is there any decision that the clan leadership regrets?

GANDORFO - The only thing was getting too many people into the clan in the beginning to get chips, and now those chips are useless and hindering the clan, and that's what I'm doing now, cleaning the clan.

Being in Brazil, far from the server, how is it like playing with the high latency and ping that you have?

HenriqueDante - On average, we have to think two and a half seconds ahead from where the target is right now. (laughs)

GANDORFO - Yeah, that's it.

Has being based on a Gold League team helped the clan gain notoriety?

GANDORFO - It helped a bit, but only in getting our name out there. We don't mix the tournament team with the clan, they are separate entities. What the team has achieved wasn't done today, we have been working at it for a long time, and it's the team's own merit. The clan is trying to make a name for itself now. The GO team dates all the way back to when I was still in ROTA in 2011. The clan only dates back to the second campaign.

How does your Clan deal with the conflicts between Clan Wars and Tournament battles?

GANDORFO - It's difficult for that to happen, we are really careful about that.

HenriqueDante - We have that part covered.

GANDORFO - We only go for a CW battle if none of our tournament teams are active, so that they can play in that time slot. As an example, today the second GO team has some matches for the Bronze League, but we also have CW. For the first battle, I'll be able to get a team together to cover for it, and on the second battle, the tournament guys will be ready to fight. We are really careful about it, but we give priority to tournaments.

What was your favorite battle that you fought in Clan Wars, during the campaign or in general?

GANDORFO - The conflict we had with -G- on the second campaign, that they wanted to take a province that had a pot of gold, and we managed to hold them off for 3 days. They were charging us every day and every day we beat them, that was a really, really good battle for us.

Quemapueblos - Those battles contributed to G not being able to take first place.

HenriqueDante - Really?

epinto - We knew.

GANDORFO - We knew it. The clans around cleared the map for -G-, don't know if it was diplomacy or not. No one tried to do diplomacy with us, so we did the old diplomacy with our guns.

If you could ask for a change on the CW system, no matter the limitations of WG, but a change that created a big advantage for GO, what would it be?

GANDORFO - The thing that would help us the most would be an earlier CW schedule.

Do you have any type of pre-battle preparation?

HenriqueDante - We go into a training room and look at the way the team has to work before we go into battle.

GANDORFO - Half an hour.

Does your clan have any interesting traditions?

epinto - richtrmoc's jokes.

GANDORFO - We have a player that we have to take for every battle, and every battle he does 0 damage, but he is really liked by everyone in the clan.

HenriqueDante - He's our black sheep.

GANDORFO - And he still tells a joke a before the battle.

HenriqueDante - Always tells a joke before and never does a thing in battle.

Who’s the best player in the clan right now, excluding those present?

epinto - For me, PublicEn3my.

GANDORFO - Yeah, the best players in the clan are PublicEn3my and Extream. Extream has been missing, but he's back now.

Do you guys want to make a comment in general, or about the second team that is in the Bronze League, or something else?

GANDORFO - First, we want to thank WG for the opportunity to do this and thank them for what they are doing with the portal in Portuguese, translating, getting Capitao_Desastre_ to give a hand in the forum, helping the Brazilian players as a whole. About the Bronze League team, we will always have tournament teams. Winning or losing we will be there, giving our best and playing the way we always play.

GiggMaster - Ass-kisser... (laughs)