Clan Spotlight: F0CUS

Welcome to of Clan Spotlight! We'll regularly spotlight a different Clan and catch up on their competitive activities...and have a little fun.

This month we will be spotlighting F0CUS. F0CUS CLAN PAGE

Interview with F0CUS:

  • How did F0CUS start?
  • What is your clan's vision?
  • What is/are your greatest accomplishment(s)?
How did F0CUS start?

EO_: F0CUS grew out of a group of players that trusted each other and figured they could be competitive, friendly and respectful. Working as a group of XO's instead of a single person dictating what to do was appealing.

What is your clan's vision?

Nano_CyborgStarWars8: Our clan's vision was originally to get as many tanks as possible during campaigns and just generally enjoy overall success. Nowadays, I think our vision would lean towards becoming a permanent top 10 clan on NA and having the ability to compete against anyone.

What is/are your greatest accomplishment(s)?

Chemo_: I think our greatest accomplishment is to achieve a spot in clan cup and to get each member who wanted one a reward tank in the last two campaigns. We won and lost but managed to pull everyone into a reward tank. I think most of the leadership is proud of that. We try and leave no one behind.


The Sheriff Event for F0CUS runs May 24-26, so squad up and get in it to win it! Visit our forum post for more info.

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