Clan Spotlight: CLAWS

Welcome to of Clan Spotlight! We'll regularly spotlight a different Clan and catch up on their competitive activities...and have a little fun.

This month we spotlight one of the longest-running clans on the scene, CLAWS. Created on February 24th, 2012, the clan has been a driving force in the competitive scene: they participate in Clan Wars, Strongholds, Tournaments, and any other activity to hone their skills.



Interview with CLAWS:

  • How did CLAWS start?
  • What are your greatest accomplishments as a clan?
  • Your clan is part of a community of clans. Which clan(s) make up that community and what is your relationship with them?
How did CLAWS start?

GeneralLeeDissociative: CLAWS, aka NOD (Nation of Darkness), began under the leadership of Blackbandit on Feb 24 2012, going on 7 years as an active clan. I was not the original leader. A kinda funny story - one day, BlackBandit raged and kicked half of the team after a discussion on the direction of the clan, then said he was done with the game and asked leadership if any one of us wanted it.

At that time, the XOs were Draago, Rycore, Wally, and me. None of the others wanted the clan so I took it control of it, that was late 2012/early 2013. On the day I took control of the clan I remember we were ranked 287th on WGA clan rankings. As I’m writing this we are 10th. After some quick rebuilding and a blitz of recruitment, we found ourselves fighting against FEC, PVP DFA, SIX GUN, ODIN, ELVIS, and many others. Shortly after fighting with the Relic alliance for Italy back when the Europe map was open, battles went back and forth for nearly a month.

What are your greatest accomplishments as a clan?

GeneralLeeDissociative: The fact that we haven't shied away from a fight and participated in nearly every major Clan Wars Conflict, Season, and Campaign since 2013.  

Talonsfire:  Being able to consistently reward our mates with reward tanks during the events. For as long as I’ve been in CLAWS we’ve managed to successfully get everyone a tank who wanted one.

Dnash: Well I'vebeen here for a few years now. Always getting people who wanted a tank were winning first place on the global map one season at tier 10. I believe it was season 7 or 8.

Your clan is part of a community of clans. Which clan(s) make up that community and what is your relationship with them?

GeneralLeeDissociative: CLAWS, F-3 and Reforged currently make up our community. The leaders of all the clans are good guys and really care about their troops. In a "big brother" role we try to aid the other clans in the alliance with strats, recruits, and the mechanics of the game. The community is more or less a way to always have someone to joke around with or play with.

Just after being selected for this honor of WGA Spotlight, we regret to inform the WGA community that Wongho, leader of F-3, passed away from a heart attack. He was a genuine and caring person that dedicated most of his free time to his clan, his tankers, and the community. Many tankers through the years have made their start or have came through F-3 at one point or another. Many that are still in the game have been in some way engaged, connected, improved, or driven by Mr. Wongho. He will be missed dearly. Wongho would of been so ecstatic for CLAWS and the Community that he helped shape to hear this kind of news.

Spolight Schedule:

Sherrif's Posse Roundup Mar. 8-10 CLAWS members have Sheriff Accounts on the US Central server — destroy one of their vehicles in Random Battles and get a 250 Gold reward!
Death Races With WG Mar. 16 WG employees will be participating in the CLAWS "Death Race". The event will be streamed so watch the forums for updated information.