New Clan Wars Feature: Rename Your Clan


We always review the feedback we get from all of our players, anything from inside the game to the usability of the features around it. In that regard, now, Clan organization includes the ability to rename one's Clan!

Sometimes, whether due to diplomacy, a shift in a Clan's numbers, or simple indecisiveness, you may feel the urge to rename your Clan. Rather than do things the hard way -- starting over and rebuilding a Clan just to have a new name -- we now allow players to rename their existing Clan, and to make it quick and easy to do so.

Essentially, Clan renaming is done through the portal web site for a cost of 2,000. Changes can be made only by the designated Clan leader (and price is always subtracted from his account), and Clan names can be changed only once every 14 days. It is easy to bring up your Clan's profile page, click a button to edit the name (or Clan tag), check to make sure no other Clan has taken the name, and then complete a final step or two to submit.

This feature is is now live! We're happy to provide this feature to players who have requested and may find use of it.

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