Clan Dashboard: Stay on Top of the News


Today we’re releasing the Clan Dashboard, a new in-game feature delivering the latest news and happenings regarding Clan life. You can access it in one click via the «Clans» tab in your Garage as it’s replacing the «Stronghold» tab.

Access and Status Bar

At the very top of the Dashboard, you will see a Status bar displaying the following:

  • The name and emblem of your clan
  • Your current position in the clan (Private, Combat Officer, etc.)
If your rank in the clan changes, it will instantly be updated in the game.

Announcements and News

We will only publish the most important news (such as new Global Map season announcements), which will be simultaneously posted on our portal. Clan news will be delivered to the Dashboard from the Clan portal.

If there are currently no announcements or relevant news for your clan, the "Announcements and News" block is not displayed.

Clans can place recruitment announcements and other ads here. At the moment creating ads is only possible through the Clan portal. Soon Clans will be able to write their news directly on the Dashboard.

We've limited the number of available Clan ads from 15 to 3 to keep the interface easier to navigate and make sure key content is fully visible.

Main Section

The largest part of the Clan Dashboard is reserved for the main block. This is where information about your Clan's personnel will be published and indicate the current number of players in the Clan and the number of players online. These indicators are dynamic and update in real time.

We know you want convenience, flexibility, and variety, so the main block will display the following button shortcuts:

  • Clan profile with basic information (creating date, overall rating, etc.)
  • Clan Search
  • "Clan Requests" button, available only to players with the authorization to accept Clan members. It will let them quickly view all the applications from potential recruits.

In addition, the Dashboard displays the Clan's treasury with the amount of Gold and Bonds stored in it. The vault is only visible to Clan members who have the authority to view its status. Commanders can dispose of the Clan's treasury from the Military Personnel screen, which has also been moved from the Stronghold section.

Stronghold Tab

Now you have a new access point to Stronghold, directly on the Dashboard. The Stronghold interface won’t be changed except for the removal of the Clan treasury and the Military Personnel screen.

The “Stronghold” block also contains the following information:

  • Current Command Center Level
  • Amount of Industrial Resources in Storage
  • Dates and times of War Games if they are currently available. If War Games are disabled, you can see the corresponding message. If they are activated but not currently available, the exact time of their launch will be displayed.

Global Map Block 

This block will be displayed with three different modifications, depending on which Clan activities are currently taking place.

  1. If neither Seasons nor Clan events are taking place, the entire block will be inactive. You will see a message stating that the Global Map is frozen.

2. If the Season is currently active, you will find its name in this block. Clicking on the link will open an external browser and redirect you to the Global Map.

3. If a Clan event is active, you will see its name and your current Personal Fame Points. Clicking this block will direct to the in-game store where you can purchase boosters and select your event rewards.

Thanks to this functionality, you no longer need to visit the Global Map as it can all be done without leaving the game!

What's Next?

We’re excited to hear what you think about these features. This is only the first iteration of a convenient and feature-rich in-game platform gathering the most up-to-date information about all Clan activities in World of Tanks. We will continue working on the Clan Dashboard to ensure your experience is smooth and engaging, so stay tuned!