Clan Screen and WoT Assistant Update


November 5 saw the release of a minor update to the Clan screen and WoT Assistant.

Managing Clan Reserves and posting clan messages are easier and more convenient.

WoT Assistant

WoT Assistant was updated with a new feature: The ability to enable Clan Reserves.

Clan Reserves are a useful aid to earning Credits, Combat (including Free) XP, and Crew XP. Previously, clan officers had to be logged into the client in order to enable Reserves, which was pretty inconvenient when there were a lot of clan members online and no officers in the game. Now this has changed: The updated mobile app allows clan officers to enable required Reserves at any time without logging into the game client.

Clan Screen in the Game Client

Clan Reserves

The enabled Clan Reserves indicator, and the option to enable them, were added to the main Clan screen in this update.

Clan Messages

Although clan messages have been transferred to the client, you still have to post them via clan portal. This update makes the process easier: a direct link to message posting has been added.

What's next?

 We will continue working on clan features to make them more handy and fun. Stay tuned!